woman greenscreen tiktok over article caption 'Stats Canada Reports Not One Baby Has Been Named 'Karen' Since November 13 2019' (l) newborn babies in hospital (c) woman greenscreen tiktok over article ''The Last Karen', as she's been reffered, was born at Toronto's Western Hospital in November of 2019. Much like the relatives of Hitler who made a pact to change their name and not procreate in order to end the bloodline, The Last Karen is expected to bear the burden throughout her entire life of ending the Karen name permanently' (r)

‘Gen Z bullied a name to literal oblivion’: TikToker says not one baby has been named ‘Karen’ since 2019, referencing satirical article

'They are sending 'Karens' into extinction.'

On Jun 30, 2022 by Rebekah Harding

Nirvana album covers with cd's (l) Man in beanie caption 'Something in my blank audio taken down by TikTok and I can't appeal it' (r)

‘A lot of people really enjoyed that audio’: TikToker says his Nirvana parody song was taken down

The audio is a riff on 'Something in the Way,' which recently appeared in 'The Batman.'

On Mar 22, 2022 by Michelle Jaworski

man explaining something in front of image of trump (l) man explaining something with a walmart tweet (r)

A TikTok troll is testing Truth Social’s appetite for free speech—and getting suspended for it

Both pranksters and Trump's more ardent supporters are pushing back on Truth Social's moderation policies.

On Mar 2, 2022 by Mikael Thalen

comedian tiktok revenge on loud neighbors

‘I need this for my neighbors’: Comedian’s viral TikTok shows revenge on loud neighbors, sparks debate

'I made a song to play over my neighbors' Bluetooth speaker when they're being too loud.'

On Jun 14, 2021 by Phil West

Homepage article image

Conservative media, Trump fooled by parody account of his sister

So-called 'Betty Trump' is homophobic, transphobic, foul-mouthed and drinks Natty Daddy.

On Nov 20, 2020 by Claire Goforth

be our guest mask parody

New ‘Beauty and the Beast’ parody asks you to wear a mask

'Wear a mask, wear a mask, is this really much to ask?'

On Oct 20, 2020 by Michelle Jaworski

A 1984 commercial parody from Fortnite

Epic Games trolls Apple with ‘1984’ parody after Fortnite gets booted from App Store

The company also filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the tech giant.

On Aug 13, 2020 by Mikael Thalen

jurassic park updates

‘Jurassic Park Updates’ captures the absurdity of reopening a theme park in a pandemic

This Twitter account is gold.

On Jul 10, 2020 by Michelle Jaworski

American Girl Doll Karen

American Girl walks back criticism of Karen doll

The meme shows a 'Karen' doll with a short blonde haircut and a purple tracksuit.

On Jul 7, 2020 by Siobhan Ball

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Ca.)

Devin Nunes can’t sue Twitter over fake cow account

The conservative politician is involved in six lawsuits against those he claims defamed him.

On Jun 24, 2020 by Mikael Thalen

coronavirus parody songs

The top coronavirus song parodies

Some of them are surprisingly OK!

On Apr 3, 2020 by Stacey Ritzen

cats butthole cut parody

‘Cats: The Butthole Cut’ has been brought to life with a fan-made video

Here's what it would have looked like if animators left the cats' buttholes intact.

On Apr 2, 2020 by Allyson Waller

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Parody website imagines a world where ‘Amazon Dating’ exists (updated)

Visitors can 'choose' from over 40 singles at varying prices and ratings.

On Feb 4, 2020 by Allyson Waller

Homepage article image

Poop-focused parody of Kent State Gun Girl sparks conservative ire

Something smells.

On Jan 20, 2020 by Claire Goforth

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‘Netflix Film’ parody account shut down within 24 hours

The account went viral for having a better 2020 movie slate than the real Netflix.

On Jan 5, 2020 by Mikael Thalen