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New ‘Beauty and the Beast’ parody asks you to wear a mask

‘Wear a mask, wear a mask, is this really much to ask?’


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It’s pretty much common sense at this point that wearing a mask can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. But for some people, that’s just a step too far, leading to a rise of PSAs, heartfelt messages, and plenty of clever parodies to help convince them otherwise.

Noah Lindquist’s “Be Our Guest” parody—in which he changes the lyrics of an iconic Beauty and the Beast song to reflect a pressing issue about mask etiquette—is above all else, catchy as hell. The new lyrics work perfectly within the framework of the music as Lumiere urges Belle to “tie some fabric ‘round your face” and Mrs. Potts tells “Karen” that she doesn’t care about her objections or scorn at being told to wear a mask. And the song’s transition from a one-man show to an absolute showstopper helps drive his point home even more.

“Wear a mask, wear a mask, is this really much to ask?” Lumiere sings, which both is the understatement of the entire parody and way too much to ask—if the real world is any indication.

This is the second corona-related Beauty and the Beast parody that’s been made—and the second one to frame Belle as someone who’s not taking the pandemic seriously. And as cute and clever as these songs might be, it might also say something that we need clever parodies like these to try and convince people to do what scientists have asked us to do for months.

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