Jill Biden kissing Kamala Harris' husband in crowd

‘Disrespectful swingers’: Jill Biden-Doug Emhoff kiss at SOTU sparks rumors, dating memes

People have questions.

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woman dancing caption 'you know you can just kiss it's not the end of the world!' (l) woman pointing to caption 'Things people have said when they find out me and my boyfriend of almost 2 years haven't kissed' (c) woman dancing caption 'ok but what else do y'all do' (r)

‘Friends without benefits’: TikToker says she and boyfriend haven’t kissed after 2 years of dating, sparking debate

‘Girl just say you’re friends and move on.’

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man hand on handle about to open door caption 'Right on the buns...' (l) man speaking (c) co-workers in back with buns caption 'Right on the buns...' (r)

‘Out of everyone, I’m the one that got fired?’: TikToker says he was fired after catching 2 co-workers allegedly kissing in freezer at McDonald’s

‘So this is what goes on behind the scenes. Right on the buns…’

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Da Baby in crows smiling holding woman caption ' She said 'you not finna Dani Leigh me' ' 'Da Baby tried to kiss his fan and she curved him lmao' (l) Da Baby going in for a kiss woman turns head caption 'you not finna Leigh me' (c) Da Baby looking at her after she rejected him caption ' She said 'you not finna Dani Leigh me' ' 'Da Baby tried to kiss his fan and she curved him lmao' (r)

‘The entitlement’: DaBaby criticized after fan rejects his kiss

‘Reason 729 why I stopped listening to him.’

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Piers Morgan, Chris Cillizza reignite debate about kissing your kids on the lips

Here we go again.

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Will Smith Sophia the Robot kiss

Will Smith tries to kiss Sophia the Robot, and it doesn’t go well

She also disses his music.

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Every homophobic comment on this video of men kissing makes money for Orlando victims

Go ahead, say something!

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Man discovers that those kissing prank videos aren’t very realistic

Shockingly enough, women have no interest in kissing some random guy on camera for a YouTube prank.

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President Jimmy Carter plants a smooch on his wife during Kiss Cam

When you’re on the Kiss Cam, there’s only one thing to do.

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Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart kissed at the ‘Mr. Holmes’ premiere

They’ve fallen right back into place.

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Don’t blow a kiss at Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Chris Archer or he’ll break your heart

Talk about foul play.

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This MMA fighter has the greatest pre-fight shenanigans

And the award for the most creative MMA pre-fight pranks goes to Sean O’Connell.

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Madonna kissing Drake without his consent is super awkward to watch

His reaction says it all.

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Is this video of a girl kissing strangers actually sexual harassment?

Is it romantic? Or is it creepy?

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Watch Jimmy Kimmel recreate all of the kissing sounds for ‘The Bachelor’

You might never look at a melon the same way.

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