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Go ahead, say something!

In the wake of the Orlando shooting, many have taken to Facebook or Twitter to show their love and support for the LGBT community. But this is still the internet, and unfortunately, when love comes out, so do the trolls.

Dylan Marron and Seriously.TV’s new video provides the ideal solution: troll the trolls. Their new video features diverse male partners in the tender act of locking lips, and though the footage is loving and gentle, Marron is aware that some will be upset by it. He holds up cards with handwritten notes to address those who might prefer not to see this display of affection. 

They might turn away, he notes, but for those who opt to stick around for the rest of the video, he makes this promise: For every homophobic comment posted, Seriously.TV will donate a dollar to the OneOrlando fund.

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So far, the trolls are few and far between, but when they do appear, commenters are thanking them for their support. And many viewers are cheekily posting the words “homophobic comment” with swooning emoji.

Love is love is love is turning trolls into even more love.

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