Katy Perry in red dress(l+r), Red train(c)

Katy Perry promotes her new single ‘Woman’s World’ with a 200-yard dress

The rollout of the singer’s new song ‘Woman’s World’ has been…odd.

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Katy Perry standing with Tesla truck

‘Girl it’s recalled send it back!’: Katy Perry gets dunked on by fans after flaunting new Cybertruck

‘Make sure to check the gas pedal first, Katy.’

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Katy Perry in front of graphic background

KatyCats want #JusticeForKatyPerry

#JusticeForKatyPerry was a trending topic on X.

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand

‘I found out the real truth’: Katy Perry interview resurfaces amid Russell Brand allegations

‘I felt a lot of responsibility for it ending.’

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young Mark Zuckerberg with Katy Perry

Conspiracy theorists think this photo shows Katy Perry ‘grooming’ a young Mark Zuckerberg

There is just one problem with the claim: Zuckerberg and Perry are the same age. 

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Homepage article image

‘Eye of the Pfizer’: Conspiracy theorists try to pin Katy Perry’s lazy eye on COVID vaccine

A video of the pop singer seemingly struggling to open her eye has set the internet ablaze.

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ellen degeneres

Celebrities are defending Ellen DeGeneres, but it’s hard to take them seriously

Defenses from Katy Perry and Kevin Hart just highlight how celebrities get special treatment.

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katy perry coronavirus quarantine fake video

No, Italians aren’t singing Katy Perry songs in quarantine

Other celebs fell for it, too.

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katy perry pregnant

Katy Perry reveals pregnancy in ‘Never Worn White’ video

Perry said she’s happy she doesn’t ‘have to suck it in anymore.’

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YouTube Adam Neely copyright claim Warner music

YouTuber defended Katy Perry against plagiarism—then Warner Music copyrighted claimed him

He was livid.

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Katy Perry has been accused of sexual harassment–for a second time

‘I managed to fight back.’

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‘Teenage Dream’ co-star accuses Katy Perry of sexual misconduct

‘Can you imagine how pathetic and embarrassed I felt?’

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Katy Perry clothing line pulls shoes resembling blackface


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Obama's Twitter Page

The ‘Twitter Purge’ hits Obama harder than Trump

Why hasn’t Trump’s account seen such a massive dip?

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what does wig mean? The term has become a viral piece of slang among stan Twitter

What the heck does ‘wig’ mean these days?

A history of its origins and transcendent rise to social media ubiquity.

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