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‘He’s watching over you’: Viral TikTok seemingly shows woman’s dead boyfriend’s Juul firing itself

‘Nah this is actually crazy.’

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Where's my Juul challenge - TikTok

Teens are channeling their inner demon for TikTok’s ‘Where’s my Juul’ challenge

These teens have some serious makeup skills.

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New York sues JUUL for marketing to teenagers

The move comes amid a possible nationwide ban.

On by Andrew Wyrich

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Report: Juul knew teens would become addicted to its products

A new study from Reuters’ Investigative team reveals that Juul executives knew its e-cigarette products would hook young users from the start. 

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Congress investigating whether vaping manufacturers used social media bots

Bots are responsible for the majority of e-cig marketing messages, but it’s unclear if it’s at the behest of manufacturers. 

On by Eilish O’Sullivan

juul pack

The best official and unofficial Juul flavors

The rise of Juul can be largely attributed to its flavors.

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Want to start Juuling? Here’s what you need to know about the Juul starter kit

Looking to get into Juuling? Here’s everything you need to know about the Juul starter kit.

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Where to find Juul pods, IRL and online

Looking to replace your Juul pods? There are plenty of options for grabbing new pods, ranging from your local gas station to third-party websites.

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Juul e-cigarettes advertising trump vape ban

Juul promises to stop advertising in the U.S.

The changes come as the Trump administration works on a flavored e-cigarette ban.

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Welcome to the Juuling class: Everything you need to know about the vaping system

We get you all the info you need on the popular vaping system.

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juul battery

Everything you need to know about Juul batteries

From safety concerns to where to buy replacements, get to know your Juul.

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Juul releases Bluetooth-enabled vape that monitors your hits

The device can also be located if lost or locked remotely to keep others from using it.

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Netflix set to lay off the smoking, Chief Hopper likely the one to blame

No word on how this will affect ‘Russian Doll’ yet.

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sophie turner juul

The Queen of the North likes to Juul

Sansa lets off some steam.

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Juul Twitter

Nearly half of Juul’s Twitter followers can’t legally buy the product, study says

Juul has contested the study’s findings.

On by Alex Dalbey

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