netflix the unauthorized bash brothers experience review

The Lonely Island’s ‘Bash Brothers’ is what Netflix should be doing with short-form comedy

Even Jose Canseco approves.

On May 23, 2019 by Audra Schroeder

Trump Jose Canseco Chief of Staff

Jose Canseco takes a swing at becoming Trump’s next chief of staff

A dark horse candidate?

On Dec 13, 2018 by Andrew Wyrich

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Jose Canseco wants to nuke Mars so we can live there

Is any of this feasible? Um, well...

On Dec 11, 2015 by Josh Katzowitz

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Jose Canseco’s finger fell off, so he posted a photo to Twitter

At least there were some good finger food jokes. 

On Nov 15, 2014 by Beejoli Shah

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Jose Canseco’s goat car is the most Jose Canseco thing ever

This is not a drill: Jose Canseco has been pulled over for driving while herding.

On Nov 21, 2013 by Aja Romano

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Jose Canseco tweets rape accuser’s name and personal info

Has the disgraced baseball slugger finally crossed the line on Twitter?

On May 22, 2013 by Gaby Dunn

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Jose Canseco tweets ex-girlfriend’s phone number

The former baseball great's public feud with Leila Shennib just took another crazy turn. 

On May 3, 2013 by Kevin Collier

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Highlights from Jose Canseco’s bizarre AMA

The baseball legend's AMA served as a nice break from all the organized chaos at r/findbostonbombers.

On Apr 19, 2013 by Mike Fenn

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José Canseco’s amazing painting is now a fantasy league trophy

Two guys Googled the former baseball star's cell number and arranged to buy his painting of MLB commissioner Bud Selig for $1,000.

On Apr 1, 2013 by Chase Hoffberger

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YouTube Guide: “Share It Maybe”

Even the Cookie Monster can’t resist Carly Rae Jensen’s hit single. Plus, meat for breakfast and the science of superheroes. 

On Jul 10, 2012 by Chase Hoffberger

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Jose Canseco returns, takes Twitter absurdity to next level

Jose Canseco has returned to Twitter, and we still have no idea what he's tweeting about.

On Apr 26, 2012 by Fernando Alfonso III

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Did Jose Canseco quit Twitter?

The controversial baseball slugger appears to have pulled the plug after rumors swirled a ghostwriter was responsible for his bizarre and beloved tweets. 

On Apr 24, 2012 by Chase Hoffberger