indeed hipster job search

‘Hipster’ jobs are trending, and Indeed says the market is booming

Yoga teacher is the most-searched job.

On by Stephanie Fillion

jacob wohl was at a hipster coffee shop

Are hipster coffee shops the new secret hotbed of Trump fans?

This seems highly unlikely.

On by David Covucci

Austin Rogers on Jeopardy!

Is the latest ‘Jeopardy!’ champion a lovable weirdo or an obnoxious child?

Austin Rogers cannot be stopped or contained.

On by Tiffany Kelly

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Man bun, cornrows, hipster glasses: The Ken doll has evolved

Whether you like it or not, Man Bun Ken will probably sell out.

On by Vanna Vasquez

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Kia presents: The ultimate meme road trip

Want to visit Hipster Barista or the gym that inspired the meme Do You Even Lift? Pack your bags and let’s go. 

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Behold, the $130 hipster nativity set

It’s a freakin’ miracle.

On by Fidel Martinez

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There will never be a more hipster meme than Neutral Milk Hotel’s ‘In the Aeroplane Over the Sea’

Oh Memely.

On by Luke Winkie

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Taylor Swift liked ‘Teletubbies’ before they were cool

Hipster much?

On by Christine Friar

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Hipsters protesting breakfast cereal won’t solve the London housing crisis

Regeneration is destroying London’s working-class. But Cereal Killer isn’t the problem.

On by Skylar Baker-Jordan

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Anti-gentrification protesters descend on London ‘hipster’ cereal cafe

Was this an anti-gentrification protest, a hipster street party, or both?

On by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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Hipster beards are supposedly out—but one famous beard disagrees

What’s next for the beard?

On by Feliks Garcia

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Spotify just gave your obnoxious hipster friends a new weapon

Now you can prove to the world that you were a fan before anyone else.

On by Mike Wehner

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The Pacific Northwest is now being mocked by a Barbie doll

She’s got a knit beanie and French press, obvs.

On by Laken Howard

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Moldy abandoned New Orleans shack is the hottest thing on Airbnb

It’s got that ‘old mold’ smell.

On by April Siese

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The 16 stupidest things Urban Outfitters has ever sold

Oh no they didn’t.

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