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‘I didn’t do that’: Chappell Roan comments on her notorious Google result

The ‘Hot To Go’ singer is your favorite artist’s favorite artist.


Mike Hadge

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If you’ve googled Chappell Roan recently (and who hasn’t??), you may have noticed a specific “Did You Mean” on Google—the sort that you receive when you have misspelled “Chapell” for the 9th time.

However, in this instance, Google will ask if you meant to search for “your favorite artist’s favorite artist.”

Very cheeky, very bold, very Chappell (I assume). 

Of course, the logical conclusion here is that Roan’s PR team pulled some strings at Google to work on this little Easter egg.

After all, it’s how Chappell often refers to herself at concerts: 

However, that conclusion would be very NOT logical, according to Roan herself. 

Appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Cappell was asked by the giggly host about the situation. Did she plant this whole thing herself? Is this a vast marketing conspiracy to turn us all to “Roanies” (a thing yet?)?

Well, not quite.

“I didn’t do that,” she began.

Then she went further, suggesting, “It’s this random twink that works at Google, I know it is. I know it’s just some assistant that’s like, ‘We love her.’” 

There you have it, folks. Like most things on the internet, it was most likely a random twink responsible for the whole gag.

It all makes sense, honestly, because I had my doubts that Chappell is Hoobastank’s favorite artist.

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