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Everything you need to know about Brooke Schofield

Brooke Schofield is putting it all out there.


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Brooke Schofield has been making headlines this week for her ruthless exposing of ex-boyfriend and musician Clinton Kane. For a lot of people online, it’s their first introduction to the Cancelled co-host and what her world is about. Longtime fans of Schofield are happy to show their support, celebrating and educating the rest of us about who she is beyond this saga.

Who is Brooke Schofield?

For those who don’t know her as a podcast host, actor, and influencer, here are the quick details to bring you up to date. Brooke Schofield moved to Los Angeles from Arizona in 2019 to pursue her dreams of being an actress. She enjoyed some early success, appearing in two films that year — Leave Him in the Dust and Hook, Line, Sinker.


After finishing those two projects, Brooke took to waitressing as she continued to audition and look for roles. During that time, Brooke somehow met Tana Mongeau, though the two have never shared exactly how. They quickly hit it off and have been best friends since, now hosting the podcast Cancelled together:

In addition to the podcast, Brooke is also a content creator who has amassed over 700,000 followers on Instagram and over 1.5 million on TikTok.

Brooke Schofield’s Dating History

Brooke Schofield has opened up about her romantic relationships, both on social media and on Cancelled. She has previously said that she didn’t get into the dating scene earnestly until her late 20s.

“I love being single, but I have 27 years of single experience. I don’t need any more,” Brooke told Bustle earlier this year. Brooke then explained she has “less tolerance now for a casual relationship.”


“In the past, I’ve been hesitant to say something in those situations because I don’t want things to end. This year, hopefully, I’ll be better about just speaking up and being willing to walk away if [a serious relationship is] not what they’re into.”

She has been previously linked to comedian Matt Rife in early 2023. She also dated singer Clinton Kane briefly before breaking up in 2021. Brooke is currently rumored to be dating actor Beau Mirchoff.

Brooke Schofield and Clinton Kane drama

Though Brooke Schofield has mentioned and briefly discussed her relationship with Australian singer Clinton Kane over the years, it wasn’t until the musician made a jab at her on TikTok this past week that she decided to share her whole side of the story.

While promoting his new single, Clinton posted a TikTok that reads, “When you’ve been over the relationship for 2 years but she won’t stop yapping.”


anywaysss this song comes out this friday❤️

♬ original sound – clintonkane

This prompted Brooke to share her truth in a 14-part TikTok series, in the style of Reesa Teesa’s “Who the F*ck Did I Marry?” videos.

Setting the scene, Brooke explained that she was in a “very different place” in her life when she dated Clinton and was “unmedicated” at the time. She explains that she and Tana were fans of his single, “Chicken Tendies,” and that she was surprised to find the singer in her DMs.

Brooke says that she wasn’t interested at first because he was a “stranger,” but he continued to interact with her on social media in an attempt to get to know her. Though she rejected an offer for him to fly her out to a show in Las Vegas, where he lived, she did agree to attend a show when the singer found himself in Los Angeles.

Brooke details her relationship with Clinton Kane

According to Brooke, Clinton then invited Brooke back to his show the following day, during which they got to know each other a little better. By her account, they ended up making out at the show that night and went out to breakfast after, during which time he told her that both his parents and his brother had died in the same year, during 2020.

The two continued to date, even quarantining together when they got COVID after one of their dates. On a trip together, a few of Clinton’s alleged mistruths came to light when Brooke found out his car wasn’t his and the age on his ID didn’t match what he’d told her.

As time went on, more clues that he was lying—about his background, his family, his accent, and his fidelity—came to light. It wasn’t until she accused him of cheating, which she later got confirmation of, that things between them ended.

Clinton has since responded to Brooke’s claims

Brooke’s 14-part TikTok series made the internet explode. Many took to Clinton Kane’s videos to call him out about his alleged lies, prompting him to turn off or limit comments on many of his platforms.

A representative for the singer released a statement defending him against the accusations, per Rolling Stone:

“Clinton Kane and Brooke Schofield had a brief, three-month relationship over two years ago. Brooke’s recent comments regarding Clinton are untrue.”

Clinton Kane rep per Rolling Stone

The rep goes on to explain that Clinton has been long-estranged from his biological family. The mother he refers to who passed away was a “mother-like figure” in his life, they claim:

“The public rehashing of these details is only an attempt to bring attention and focus on Brooke’s podcast, at the expense of tearing down another former boyfriend — a tactic she’s become known for. In the years since this relationship took place, Clinton has moved forward, and remains focused and committed to putting out new music.”

Clinton Kane rep per Rolling Stone

Brooke has thanked viewers for their support online but hasn’t commented further on the situation.

The internet is intrigued to see what’s next for these two—and whether they’ll continue to publicly hash out their grievances—and how Brooke’s star will rise after TikTok has united around her.

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