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How ‘Send It To Me Rachel’ became the best way to express our immediate desires

Here’s how a Jesus sighting prank turned into one of the Internet’s most viral moments.


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The viral Send It to Me Rachel meme is the perfect way to convey just how badly you want something. Hailing from one woman’s dramatic plea for her daughter to show her a supposed Jesus sighting, it’s now an indelible part of Internet history. 

If you need to showcase an overwhelming sense of desperation, this is just the meme for you.

What is the Send It To Me Rachel meme?

The original Send It to Me Rachel video has it all: Jesus, tears, and a hilariously gullible mother. The clip emerged at the height of the Celebrity Death Prank videos in December 2022. Mischievous creators would tell a friend or family member their favorite celebrity has died in order to draw a reaction. Instead of fabricating a celebrity death, a woman named Rachel decided to prank her mother with a Jesus sighting.

First gracing the Internet on Christmas Day in 2022, the Send It to Me Rachel clip comes from TikTok creator @cryinglawyer. In the video, the user tricks her mother into believing that Jesus was seen in Ohio. Unexpectedly, her mother has a very emotional response, desperately asking her daughter to show her the supposed Jesus sighting. 

@cryinglawyer when your mom doesn’t care about celebrities just Jesus #celebrityprank #parentparent #christmas #christmasmiracle ♬ original sound – my name’s not rachel

Specifically, when Rachel says that Jesus was seen, her mother dramatically responds, “Where, Rachel? Show me to me, please. Send it to me, Rachel.”

After Rachel replies that Jesus was spotted in Ohio, her mother begs for the link and frantically demands, “Please send it to me. Oh now, please.”

“Okay, Rachel, which one? Send it to me, baby,” her mother continues, on the verge of tears. “Which one? Is it on TikTok?”

When Rachel finally says that she’s just kidding, her mother wipes her eyes and replies, “Rachel, don’t do that.”

The Internet, of course, was utterly charmed by Rachel’s mother and her over-the-top reaction. You know it’s a good meme when Nicola Coughlan, patron saint of the chronically online and Lady Whistledown herself, references it at the Bridgerton season 3 premiere. 

“I love it so much. I keep saying it, but like my friends are like, adults with, um, lives. So I keep saying it, and they’re like, what’s wrong with you?” the actress exclaimed.

How do you use the Send It To Me Rachel meme?

So how exactly have people taken the original clip into their own hands? Basically, the Send It to Me Rachel meme is used in contexts where the poster desperately wants to see or experience something. The creator will either type out “send it to me Rachel” (in the case of a words-based platform like X) or mouth the viral sound over a clip.

If you plan on using this meme, just be sure to do so accurately. TikTok creator Carter Kalchik (@carterkalchik) has a really strong opinion about this.

@carterkalchik Show me to me please, send it to me Rachel #funny ♬ original sound – Carter Kalchik

“All right, people, it’s not ‘show it to me, Rachel.’ And while Rachel’s mom does say ‘send it to me, Rachel,’ that’s not it, either,” Kalchik explains. “It’s ’show ME to me, please.’ ‘Show me to me, please’ is art. Any other configuration is garbage.”

Despite the plea, many variations of the phrase have popped up all over social media:

Send It To Me Rachel meme examples

A viral meme is only as good as how it’s been applied throughout the Internet, so, naturally, we’ve rounded up the best Send It to Me Rachel memes for your enjoyment below! 

@onikas.fav.flop #friends #pic #pictures #send #it #to #me #please #rachel #meme #viral #fyp ♬ original sound – Colby
@daylightlinn every harrie ever… #harrystyles @✧・゚: * maja ✧・゚:* ♬ original sound – my name’s not rachel
@chihuahua.hate.account Like wtf am I waiting 2 years for an 8 episode season for. Get out my face #fyp ♬ original sound – my name’s not rachel

send it to me rachel

♬ original sound – Colby

Show it to me Rachel pleaseeee

♬ original sound – trixiemattel

the comments section on this video is s confession zone SHOW IT TO ME PLEASE RACHEL

♬ original sound – Colby
@do.nothing.girl can someone explain the psychology behind this because I have no idea #couplestiktok #couplethings #trymyfood #sharingfood ♬ original sound – Colby

My favorite genre 💔

♬ original sound – Colby
@skooobb #work #customerservice #sendittomeplease #showittomerachel #fyp ♬ original sound – Colby


♬ original sound – Colby

It looks like Rachel’s mother is now in the know, too!

@cryinglawyer The queen is back! #sendittomebaby #jesuswasseen #sendittomerachel #fyp #xybca #parentprank #mom #fyppp ♬ original sound – Colby

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