Travis Kelce makes an appearance at the Eras tour, gets memed

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‘In his Troy Bolton era’: Travis Kelce appears on stage during Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, gets memed

The Super Bowl champ has officially made his Eras cameo.


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Strong couples support each other, as Steve Harvey will tell you. Let’s say you’ve gone to all of your man’s football matches during a given season, pending your own touring schedule. Girl, he better make an appearance at one of your concerts on said tour, especially if he’s in the off-season. Thankfully, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are seemingly a strong couple. 

On Sunday night, during one of her EIGHT London concerts at Wembley Stadium, Taylor brought out Travis during her introduction to “I Can Do It With A Broken Heart.” Kelce came out in a full tux as one of the three costumed performers to “revive” Taylor after she “collapses” before “Broken Heart.” Kelce completes the schtick until Taylor launches into the tune. 

Take a look:

Obviously, the internet reacted with some typically solid memes on the topic. Let’s take a peruse, shall we?

Meanwhile, brother Jason Kelce was not having the exact same vibe:

@irenouken jason kelce having the time of his life at #erastourlondon 😂 #jasonkelce #taylorswift ♬ original sound – irenouken

Anyway, Taylor brings the Eras tour back to Wembley in mid-August, by which time Travis will be in training camp. Hey, maybe Dave Grohl will show up instead!

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