Former Disney employee: gay men are usually inside of tall park characters

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Former Disney parks employee says the characters going viral on TikTok are probably played by gay men

Certain Disney park pals might share a common trait.


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If you’ve attended a Disney theme park recently, first of all—congratulations on being very rich, but secondly—you may have been charmed by some of the roaming or parade characters that pass your way through a typical day.

I’m not necessarily talking about visiting Mickey in his weird house or making small talk with the lady grinning and bearing it in that Tinkerbell outfit. Rather, we’re talking about those characters that display a little extra pizzazz, a little extra sass, a little extra swivel, a little extra…”c*nt serving.”

What am I talking about? Well, take a look at this recent post of Elastigirl aka Helen Parr’s moves during Disneyland’s recent “Better Together” Pixar Parade:

Then there’s recently crowned queer icon Clarabelle Cow, who has made a recent habit of wowing any surrounding crowds with her moves that are, frankly impressive for any cow. There’s a recent video going viral of her, too:

@vinnychavez11 Its the slow turn for me! #clarabelle #disneyland #queen #disneycharacters ♬ original sound – Vinny Chavez

So what’s the deal here? Who are the skilled ladies behind the masks?

This week, TikToker Adrianna (@alimbriano)—who claims to be a former employee at Disney parks—provided some insider insight and revealed that these ‘ladies’ have a secret: they’re more than likely actually gay men.

@alimbriano #stitch with @Janelle Isanan 9/10 the people who are “friends” with Mrs Incredible are gay men 💅🏻 #disney ♬ original sound – Adrianna ✨

“9 times out of 10, the person inside that costume is a tall, gay man,” she explains, with most women in the theme park character world being more petite, an ideal height for the aforementioned mice and pixies.

She continued, “I think that’s why they’re able to capture the essence of the characters so well, serve c*nt so well: because that’s what gay men were born to do.”

Comments on the video reveal a taste of the internet’s reaction to this news. It just makes too much sense:

In Body Image

Next time you’re at a Disney park, keep an eye out for one of these animated tall queens. You never know the delights that may await you! 

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