Best memes from the Dublin-NYC portal

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The best part of the NYC-Dublin ‘portal’ was the endless memes

The installation had to be temporarily closed due to ‘inappropriate behavior.’


Mike Hadge

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This is why we cannot have nice things. 

With today’s technology, it’s never been easier to communicate with like minded folk the world over. Be it via phone, Zoom, WhatsApp, X, 4chan, 8chan, Truth Social, or ChristianMingle, there’s no shortage of reminders that we are truly all connected, as a people. That list now includes big-ass portals. 

Yes, a giant 24/7 video portal was set up next to Manhattan’s Flatiron Building that connected with a twin on O’Connell Street in Dublin. Finally, you could say “top o’ the mornin’” to a stranger who responds, “fughettabout it, I’m walkin’ here!” (New York and Dublin, respectively – people travel!) The installation was built by Benediktas Gylys.

However, as you might imagine with a big ol’ Chat Roulette like this, people made it nasty. Like, of course this happened.

Other reported instances have led to a temporary shutdown, with the experience currently being retooled to ensure a more appropriate situation going forward. Come on prudes, we demand cross-continental anarchy!

Thankfully, while the shutdown has left us portal-less, memes never say die, and the internet has had a field day with this particular venture. 

Let’s explore, shall we?

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Once again, at the end of the day, what truly brings us all together is the memes. Me + me = us, baby!

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