empire state building vs chicago bean

‘Clap if you care’: The Empire State Building mocks the Chicago Bean’s reopening online

A look at the online conflict between the two major city icons.

On by Mike Hadge

Best memes from the Dublin-NYC portal

The best part of the NYC-Dublin ‘portal’ was the endless memes

The installation had to be temporarily closed due to ‘inappropriate behavior.’

On by Mike Hadge

the bronx jennifer lopez

‘We don’t like you’: Residents of the Bronx are taking issue with a viral clip of Jennifer Lopez talking about growing up on ‘the block’

‘The block doesn’t like J Lo, and—growing up here—I always heard people call her a sell-out.’

On by Allie Hayes

otherworld steampunk gun with sheath and fake FBI badge

‘You arrested a cosplayer’: NYPD roasted for bragging about ‘Final Fantasy’ prop gun confiscation

The fake gun’s 20-inch blade may be to blame for the arrest.

On by Mikael Thalen

Donald Trump, Kevin O'Leary, Scott Adams

Dilbert guy cancels trips to New York as ‘Shark Tank’ investor, random truckers push boycott over $355 million Trump fine

The people pushing it were never pro-NYC to begin with.

On by Katherine Huggins

Mattress(l), Radar person(c), Grafitti(r)

Jewish tunnel drama inspires QAnon believers to descend on New York City in search of underground trafficking centers

‘He went wandering through some random tunnels in NYC which are full of random junk.’

On by Mikael Thalen

Woman says friend let 'random man' live in her apartment for a month while she was away

‘She probably charged him’: Woman says friend let ‘random man’ live in her apartment for a month while she was away

‘Sue. Her. Immediately.’

On by Jack Alban

People being arrested and having face off with police(three split)

Footage of ‘Jewish tunnel’ found in Brooklyn sparks conspiracies, confusion, and antisemitic memes

A clash between Orthodox Jewish men and police in New York City stems from a bizarre dispute.

On by Mikael Thalen

Homepage article image

‘SNL’ stars, billionaires, and a Turkish pizza entrepreneur: Inside 2 years of Eric Adams’ daily schedule

It’s a fascinating look at a big city mayor’s day-to-day.

On by David Covucci

Andrew Cuomo(l), Donald Trump(c), Eric Adams(r)

Trump announces support for Democrats… accused of sexual assault

He’s not their typical ally.

On by Katherine Huggins

Santos and Torres

‘You are not Jewish you weirdo’: Richie Torres says he’s the last gay ‘Jew-ish’ member in Congress after George Santos announces he won’t run in 2024

Torres is not Jewish.

On by Marlon Ettinger

Person pointing at camera(l), People tearing down poster(c), Man looking at camera(r)

‘Like a trap’: Are posters of Israeli hostages drawing awareness or baiting pro-Palestinians into getting canceled when they tear them down?

‘I think people are looking at the fact that they are so one-sided about these missing people.’

On by Talia Jane

Teacher shows students she's name-checked in rap song

‘She really did hold it down’: Teacher shows students she’s name-checked in rap song

‘As a teacher, this is the highest compliment.’

On by Audra Schroeder

new york comic con 2023 sag aftra strike

SAG-AFTRA strike took the celebrity out of New York Comic-Con

After 17 years of Comic-Con, this year felt strange yet welcome.

On by Steven Asarch

New Yorker says her 570 sq ft apartment costs $7,000 a month

‘My shoes cannot even fit’: New Yorker says her 570 sq ft apartment costs $7,000 a month

‘NYC is getting too insane with rent.’

On by Vladimir Supica

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