Deadpool popcorn bucket revealed

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‘Can’t wait to get elbow-deep’: The new ‘Deadpool’ popcorn bucket has been unveiled

Moviegoers can enjoy corn from Wolverine’s large, buttery mouth soon.


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Souvenir popcorn buckets used to be innocent vessels for salty, buttery goodness. Maybe you throw some M&Ms in there, mix it up – what a treat you now have! But no, like everything in American culture, we had to make it upsettingly disturbing. 

First, came the light-up live-action Little Mermaid bucket, but that was more sanitary and less overtly disturbing. Then, of course, we received the king of misguided popcorn buckets – the Dune 2 sandworm popcorn buckets. The internet’s gutter-brained had a field day with this one. 

But of course, a new Deadpool film means the concept must be taken a step further. 

Ryan Reynolds just unveiled the Deadpool & Wolverine popcorn bucket, which will be available in theaters upon release of the film. Take a look: 

The bucket reveal clip shows us that the design is Wolverine, mouth as wide as can be, with popcorn and butter suggestively draped within and upon it. Along the side of the bucket it says, “Designed by Deadpool.”

The design basically makes obvious what the Dune bucket merely accidentally depicted:

The implication here is that Deadpool wants you to [redacted] Wolverine’s [redacted], is what we’re saying. 

“We have asked Deadpool himself to design a popcorn bucket for Deadpool & Wolverine,” adding, “There are some movies that inadvertently make crude and lewd popcorn buckets,” said Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige, “and then there are popcorn buckets designed by Deadpool.” Seems like Deadpool is R-rated Poochie now, folks. 

Moviegoers, however, are chomping at the bit to get their corn in that Jackman hole:

Indeed, in a time when theaters are struggling to get people out of the house (thanks to the studios for tinkering with the system with no goal or plan in mind), popcorn buckets are as good a tactic as any to encourage people to not just wait for the film to hit digital. With this popcorn bucket specifically, it’s likely not all they’ll be encouraged to do. 

Deadpool & Wolverine opens in theaters June 26, 2024. 

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