Woman issues PSA about the ‘Little Mermaid’ viral popcorn buckets


‘This does knock the joy out of people’: Woman issues PSA about ‘The Little Mermaid’ viral popcorn buckets

‘I’ve had worse chyt in my mouth.’


Melody Heald


A woman recently issued a public service announcement to movie-goers seeing the new The Little Mermaid: Be sure to wash those light-up AMC popcorn containers before use. 

In a now-viral TikTok, Amiia (@amiianectar) stitched a video from another user, who showed viewers her own bucket getting filled with popcorn. The video then cuts to Amiia’s warning about the buckets, which are reportedly sold out. As of Tuesday afternoon, Amiia’s video had over 68,800 views. 

@amiianectar #stitch with @dasia &lt3 please wash the buckets. It is very unlikely that these buckets were sterilize before use their mass produced. Please wash them. #sterilization #mermaid #littlemermaid #hallebailey ♬ original sound – AMIIA

“I do not want to knock your joy because you seem happy but please, y’all, wash these buckets before you put popcorn in them,” she said. According to Amiia, the popcorn buckets are “not sterilized before use.” 

“Please wash them,” she reiterated. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Amiia via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment. As of publication, it was unclear how she knew whether the buckets were sanitized. 

Still, in the comments, a number of viewers said that they planned on washing their popcorn containers before heading to the movie theater.

“I bought mine ahead of time. I’m going to see it tomorrow but I’m def going to be washing it first,” one viewer wrote.

“Lol I asked them to wash my last bucket and will be doing the same with this one,” a second agreed.

“The ocd in me thought the same thing lol. I didn’t say anything bc people get offended when you try to help,” another viewer commented.

Of course, not everyone agreed nor cared. 

“I’ve had worse chyt in my mouth,” one user stated. 

“This does knock the joy out of people,” another lamented.

“Yeah. I’ll make sure to bring my Ajax and sponge,” a third viewer quipped.

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