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Cats are having eerie reactions to the sounds of Ancient Egypt on TikTok

The felines of TikTok long for their glory days.


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If you peaked in high school, you know the feeling: the sounds of your school bell, the smell of the cafeteria meatloaf, the touch of the dodgeball against the back of your neck. These are sensory memories that remind you of a greater time. Well, for cats, that time was ancient Egypt. 

How good of an era for cats was ancient Egypt? For one, they were believed to be magical creatures, able to bring good luck to those who own them. Painting upon painting was lovingly done for each and every cat breed. Cats were also dressed in gold and jewels while being allowed to eat off a human’s plate. (No word on if they were fed Fancy Feast or the store brand, though.)

And that’s just in life – if a cat freaking died in ancient Egypt, they received the honor of mummification. Additionally, any human involved in their death (even just being around for their death) was sentenced to death themselves. Hardcore. No wonder modern cats demand being worshiped on their more modest days.

TikTok plays ‘sounds from Ancient Egypt’ for their cats

Yes, it was a good time and place to be a cat. And it seems like the cats miss it. Users on TikTok have been playing sounds of ancient Egypt for their cats and receiving very-specific reactions. 

@taylormosherrr i was not expecting that reaction 💀 #catsoftiktok #funny #calicocat #fyp #callie #kittensoftiktok ♬ original sound – AanaBolkvadze

“This is supposed to remind cats of how they were worshiped in ancient Egypt,” reads the caption on these videos. From the look of the cat’s reaction, it absolutely did. Something shifted in that feline brain, for sure. 

@scandanavianbrunette bro got flashbacks #cat #cats #ancientegypt #catsoftiktok #trend #viral ♬ original sound – AanaBolkvadze

Videos of cats reacting

It seems clear enough that these cats are not just reacting to any old noise. There’s a specific alertness in their eyes; a care, an investment rarely scene by the typically aloof furballs. 

@jen..42 Ponyo just unlocked a core memory #fyp #ancientegyptcat #cat ♬ original sound – AanaBolkvadze

This cat starts straight-up twitching:

@_saminem_ Follow for more :) #cat #ancientegypt #kitty #kater #katze #meme #pet #tiere #worship ♬ original sound – AanaBolkvadze

Now take a look at this ‘Tok. This is serious business. These kitties drop everything:


I think he remembers it all😂😂

♬ original sound – AanaBolkvadze

Did it work on your cat? Let us know! In the meantime, I’ll just be reliving my own glory days. (*Gets hit in the back of the head by dodgeball*)

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