marc jacobs tiktok

Ranking the best Marc Jacobs collaborations with creators on TikTok

When style and memes meet, it’s truly fab.

On by Angela Andaloro

woman in hairdresser's chair (l) woman with hair dye (c) finished prism hair (r)

Prism Hair: TikTok’s colorful, viral hair trend, explained

Bring a little rainbow and illusion everywhere you go.

On by Angela Andaloro

Eyebrow blindness explainer

TikTok is sharing cringe photos to explain the ‘eyebrow blindness’ phenomenon—what is it?

Eyebrows can make or break or transform a face.

On by Angela Andaloro

kindle girlies

The Kindle girlie aesthetic is dominating BookTok—here’s what you need to know about it

Reading has never been cuter.

On by Stacey Nguyen


What is ‘cousin face’? The familiarity phenomenon explained

You look like my cousin.

On by Angela Andaloro

showing off your room as a cool girl Three split of different women showing off their rooms

Here’s how to ‘show your room as a cool girl’ like the TikTok trend

Just cool girl things.

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Woman says she lost 2 pounds in 5 days through ‘Rice-zempic’ hack

‘I can’t believe it’: Woman says she lost 7 pounds in 7 days through ‘rice-zempic’ hack. What is it?

Users are trying ‘rice-zempic’ to lose weight fast. Is it safe?

On by Stacy Fernandez

Woman talking(l+r), Woman with tote bag(c)

‘I’m cooked’: Woman warns against tote bags after noticing something about her back

‘What’s wrong with my back?’

On by Amelie Allen

how to have a brat summer

This year, it’s all about having a ‘Brat’ Summer—this is how it’s done

Move aside, hot girls and Barbie girls. It’s a Brat summer.

On by Angela Andaloro

man holding phone with tweets in background

Young people are sharing their ‘boomer complaints’ online, and you’d be surprised how many you agree with

May you live long enough to “okay boomer” yourself one day.

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Aperol spritz makeup trend explainer

Add a fresh twist to your summer looks with Aperol spritz makeup

Get your glow on with this cocktail-inspired summer beauty trend.

On by Stacey Nguyen

Calico hair explainer

Embrace kitty vibes with the one-of-a-kind calico hair trend

Be the coolest cat in town with this fun style.

On by Stacey Nguyen

cats ancient egypt Three split of cats

Cats are having eerie reactions to the sounds of Ancient Egypt on TikTok

The felines of TikTok long for their glory days.

On by Mike Hadge

Tennis ball with smiling face(l), Peppers with smiling faces(c), Potato with smiling face(r)

Why is TikTok now flooded with inane ‘help me prove to my boss’ marketing videos?

Social media is rallying together to prove strangers’ bosses and teachers wrong.

On by Katherine Huggins

What is borg drinking?

What is borg drinking? Controversial trend utilizes gallon-sized jugs for alcoholic concoctions

The well-intentioned drinking trend still has downsides.

On by Angela Andaloro

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