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‘I’m mortified’: TikTok is blaming Megan Fox for ‘bottom teeth talker’ phenomenon

The “Transformers” actress has people questioning their entire existence.


Mike Hadge

Pop Culture

Posted on May 7, 2024

Do you talk while showing your bottom teeth? Do you talk through said bottom teeth? Do you leave your mouth slightly open after speaking? Congrats, you just may be a bottom talker! 

What’s a bottom teeth talker? 

In honor of the new Megan Fox filter phenomenon, TikTok user @click_here_dear ran through a tutorial on “How to Talk Like Megan Fox” that lays it out clearly.  


She really is very interesting. We ❤️ you Megan

♬ original sound – KG

‘Bottom teeth talking’ reception on TikTok

In addition to key elements like bobbing your head while speaking and leaving your mouth slightly open when silent, it’s showing your bottom teeth while speaking that truly resonates with people, who clearly never previously thought about this.


Please dont contact me

♬ Hide Away – Daya

Comments on said realization videos reveal others facing these harsh self-truths.

“Bro, I’m a middle speaker,” one viewer suggested.

“I only show my two front teeth,” said one person.

“Bottom teeth talker but my bottom teeth are all crooked and wonky and my tops are beautiful,” lamented another.

“I’m a top teeth talker but it’s mostly just my four front tooth and a few bottom teeth—what am I?” spiraled another.

One TikTok noted that singing along to Daya’s “Hide Away” was a great choice to show off if you speak with your bottom teeth or not, resulting in this reaction:

@themmmkayla #Inverted ♬ Hide Away – Daya

While some are none too happy to learn what kind of ‘teeth talker’ they are, others are embracing the bottom tooth-talk status. 

@jani.veve #meganfoxteeth #meganfox ♬ Hot N Cold – 🃏🃏
@helloloca today i was told i do this lol so here you go lol 🎭 #meganfoxteeth #meganfoxtrend #fyp #veeners #smilemakeover ♬ Hot N Cold – 🃏🃏

Origins of ‘bottom teeth talking’

While the meme is having a moment, it’s worth noting that the origin of the concept goes back to September 2022, when user @lifecrisisinducedglowup posted a TikTok that read, “Megan Fox taught me to speak with my bottom teeth.”

The post has since been taken down, but evidence of others picking up the trend remains. Some have gone so far to even credit the phenomenon for an increase in the use of Invisalign:

@arigatolife6 Megan Fox´s Bottom Teeth 🥰 #fyp #fypシ #meganfox #meganfoxedit #meganfoxteeth #meganfoxteethtrend #meganfoxteettrend #meganfoxtrend #meganfoxtalk #meganfoxtalkingwithteeth #meganfoxfan #meganfoxmakeup #meganfoxmgk #meganfoxthumbs ♬ original sound – arigatolife6

So, what kind of teeth talker are you? Clearly, the answer may existentially destroy you. 

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*First Published: May 7, 2024, 4:45 pm CDT