Restaurant worker blows up after customer calls to ask why their online order isn’t ready yet. They weren’t on hold

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‘They heard everything’: Worker blows up after customer calls to ask why their online order isn’t ready yet. They weren’t on hold

'I’m glad they heard it, exactly what was needed.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Dec 1, 2023

A user on TikTok has sparked discussion after recounting a workplace experience in which they vented about a customer. The only problem? The customer could hear everything.

In a video with over 248,000 views as of Friday, TikTok user @2beach4surf says that she “finally lost my sh*t at work.”

“After years of people coming in right after they placed their order online after coming in within five minutes and expecting it to be ready, I finally lost my sh*t,” she declares.

“The other day, a customer called and said, ‘Where’s my stuff? Is it ready yet? I have not heard from anyone,’” the TikToker recounts. “So my co-worker brings me the phone and tells me this person wants to know why their order is not ready.”

“I told my co-worker in as much detail as I can muster because I’ve been holding this in for years—a whole step-by-step process of why this customer is a f*cking moron, that they need to explain the world’s not magic, things aren’t instant, they don’t just get what they want instantly, a real person has to do this shit, and that real person is tired and f*cking sick of this sh*t!” she says.

“‘You tell that customer no, your order is not f*cking ready,’” the TikToker recalls saying. “‘They need to f*cking chill! Tell them that!’”

It was at this moment that the TikToker discovered her words may not have been as private as she thought.

“My co-worker lifts the phone and the customer says, ‘OK, I heard everything,’” the TikToker says. “My co-worker didn’t put the phone on hold.”

While some may be embarrassed by such a mistake, the TikToker describes the experience as “vindication.”

“Silver lining, there is one less person in this world who expects their order instantly,” she summarizes. “I think it’s a win.” The TikToker shared in another video that she works in shipping.


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In the comments section, users shared their own experiences with customers placing orders for pickup.

“My favorite is when they say ‘can I grab the items and you scan it through?’ Sir that’s shopping not a pick up order,” stated a user.

“I’ve seen customers stand next to a register & place a store pickup order & then walk straight to the cashier & get upset that it wasn’t already ready,” detailed another.

“I worked in an ob/gyn office. They’d leave a VM, wait 5mins then email bc I haven’t called back,” explained a third. “BRUH I GOT 5 PEOPLE HERE CHILL.”

The Daily Dot reached out to the TikToker via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Dec 1, 2023, 9:58 am CST