Walmart worker eats Whataburger on lunch break

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‘Basically worked 4 hours for free’: Walmart worker eats Whataburger on lunch break, says cost of meal is equivalent to 4 hours of work

‘$33 for 4 hours of work is crazy.’


Maya Wray


A Walmart worker is illustrating the discrepancy between the cost of living and pay for many retail workers. He said he spent four hours’ worth of his day’s pay on food to eat during his breaks.

“POV: You spent $13 on your break and $20 on your lunch break so you basically worked 4 hours for free,” the on-screen text reads as popular TikToker Ray (@.ray_mtz03) sits in his car and enjoys a burger, fries, and shake from Whataburger.

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His video was viewed 37,500 times since it was posted on Sunday. The realization made him want to “fast” during his work shifts, he revealed in the caption.

Sadly enough, that’s the reality for some. One user shared they try not to eat during their nine-hour shifts, and another shared they try to “fast” during their 11-hour shifts to avoid eating out.

“If I spend any money it’ll be $7,” user Matt (@that_dude_mattchu) said.

“Sometimes I’ll fast on my 11 hour shifts,” another user responded. “Sucks but I save money and just eat at home after work.” 

Some criticized Ray for choosing Whataburger, arguing it’s too “expensive.” “Dawg ur getting a drink and a milkshakes,” another said, pointing to the two Whataburger cups in the car.

Other viewers shared how eating at their workplaces saves them money. “I work at Costco and only spend $2 on slice of pizza,” @kashthemackk shared.

But Ray has also tried to eat food from Walmart on his lunch breaks as well and said he ended up paying what he would have for a Chick-fil-A meal.

The Daily Dot reached out to Ray via Instagram direct message.

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