Woman shows that there is a Walmart Work from home job opportunity with no interview.

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‘The assessment isn’t all easy’: Worker recommends Walmart WFH job that doesn’t require interview. It doesn’t go well

'The bakery I made $18.50 come on Walmart do better.'


Jack Alban


Posted on May 20, 2023

Marcella Gibbs (@iamcella_bell), who regularly posts ideas for side hustles and work-from-home gigs on her TikTok page, recently went viral for sharing a remote customer service rep job she says is being offered by Walmart.

Gibbs states that the position requires six months of customer service experience, no matter the industry, while adding that applicants only need to pass an assessment in order to be considered for the job—no interview required.

However, folks said that while this gig might seem like a solid $15/hr remote work option, they had some caveats about applying for the job.

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Gibbs says in the video: “So this is a work from home position for Walmart. They’re looking for a customer service rep, so if you’re looking for you know a good starter job… word on the work from home street is that for this position there’s no interview. So once you pass the assessment, depending on how many people they need to hire they’ll offer you a position. So no interview to work for Walmart.”

The TikToker goes on to reveal the hourly rate for the position, along with what type of qualifications applicants should possess before submitting themselves for the role: “The pay is $15/hr. If that’s not good enough for you then look for a different position… The qualifications are six months customer service experience—that can be anything, um you know, in-person, over the phone, a lot of times customer service experience doesn’t just mean answering phones you know a lot of people work in retail before, fast food and things like that they do offer a bunch of different benefits of course the link will be in my bio.”

As of this writing, the only Walmart-related link that the TikToker mentions on the link in her bio is a Resolution Specialist II. The job description says that it’s located at a Walmart call center located in Bentonville, Arkansas, and there is no mention of it being remote in the description.

One commenter said that they weren’t too thrilled with the hourly rate being offered by the global retailer: “15? The bakery I made 18.50 come on Walmart do better”

Some said that although there is no interview for the position that the assessment is a bit difficult to complete: “the assessment isn’t all easy.”

Another stated that if one fails the assessment then they could get another chance by simply attempting to pass it by applying via another email address: “assessment is key ! if you fail , try a different email”

Someone else remarked that even though $15 doesn’t sound like a lot, it might ultimately be a better option for some folks as they won’t have to fork over the money for sending their children out to childcare and that their work commuting costs will be non-existent as a result of securing a work-from-home position.

And while there were a number of folks who said that they were excited to apply for the position, one TikTok user said that they used to work this position for Walmart and advised others against signing up for it: “I used to work for them. Don’t do it!”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Gibbs via TikTok comment and Walmart via email for further information.

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*First Published: May 20, 2023, 2:50 pm CDT