Walmart worker exposes store’s donuts

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‘This is exactly how dunkin donuts makes theirs’: Walmart worker exposes store’s donuts

‘They taste frozen’


Stacy Fernandez


In a TikTok, a Walmart worker revealed that the store’s donuts are not as fresh as they advertise them to be. Viewers are not surprised.

In the video, TikTok user Alexander (@alexander_rexx) appears to be filming from a back stock area or freezer in the store. The video shows about a dozen large cardboard boxes printed with the word “donuts” across them.

As Alexander approaches the boxes, one of which is open, viewers can see that the box is full of plain frozen donuts. “Walmart donuts are not fresh. They order plain yeast donuts in bulk and stores them in freezers,” Alexander said.

@alexander_rexx How do your Walmart donuts taste? #donut #frozen #glaze #glazed #chocolate #frozendonut #frozenfood #walmartfood ♬ Sugar – Maroon 5

They added that when the sales floor starts to run out of donuts, instead of making fresh batter, an associate grabs a donut box, warms them up, and glazes them. At the end of the clip the worker shows that they have a station, likely in the bakery, with containers of the various glazes.

Walmart sells donuts in their baked goods section with a variety of glazes, from the classic sugar glaze to chocolate and vanilla. When looking them up online, they’re listed as having “freshness guaranteed.”

For those now craving a Walmart donut, a dozen standard-size donuts generally cost around $6, while a miniature pack will be about $4.

The video has about 12,000 views and over 35 comments.

“How do your Walmart donuts taste?” Alexander asked in the comments.

People in the comment section were mostly nonchalant about the revelation, sharing that they were not surprised and accepted it as a common practice.

“Most grocery store donuts come in frozen,” a top comment read.

“does anyone expect a large chain of anything to make from scratch food?” a person said.

“Did anyone really expect Walmart employees making fresh donuts in the back? They taste frozen,” another wrote.

Several people claimed that other places, including Dunkin’ Donuts and other bakeries, do this.

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The Daily Dot reached out to Alexander via TikTok comment and to Walmart via email.

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