Woman explains the difference between business class and consumer class products


‘As an ex-Dell service tech, buy Latitude over Inspiron EVERY TIME’: PSA recommends used business class laptops vs. new consumer class laptops

'Dell, it’s like the Latitude versus the Inspiron. Lenovo would be ThinkPad versus IdeaPad'


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Posted on Jul 30, 2023

A viral TikTok video has sparked a debate among laptop users about the difference between consumer-class and business-class laptops. In the video, TikTok user Misty Dawn Meggs (@mdm.atx) shared a PSA on why she thinks people should buy used business-class laptops instead of new consumer-class ones.

Posted on July 13, the clip has quickly gone viral, accumulating over 412,900 views.

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In the PSA, Misty breaks down the key differences between consumer-class and business-class laptops offered by major brands like Dell and Lenovo. She explains, “All the computers, all the major brands have a consumer class versus business class computer. Dell, it’s like the Latitude versus the Inspiron. Lenovo would be ThinkPad versus IdeaPad.”

The TikToker emphasizes that consumer-class laptops are commonly found in popular retail stores like Best Buy, Walmart, and Costco. However, she recommends considering alternative options. “But if you look on places like Amazon,” Meggs points out, “you can find gently used business-class laptops that will last you 3 times as long as a brand-new computer, and if you buy them under 2 years old they generally have the original manufacturer warranty.”

Meggs also mentioned another option of laptops for those looking for something more robust and durable. “There are military-grade laptops out there for my sound guys, [who] can’t quit dropping their sh*t,” she added.

Meggs’ PSA struck a chord with many viewers who expressed their agreement in the comment section.

“Darn right! Always go with ThinkPad!!” one commenter wrote.

“As an ex Dell service tech, buy Latitude over Inspiron EVERY TIME,” a second commenter added.

“Same thing with kitchen equipment! Basic tools (cutting boards, knives, spatulas, etc) from restaurant supply stores are cheaper and last longer,” a third commenter shared.

However, there was also a lively debate among commenters regarding the “military-grade” laptops Meggs mentioned.

Some voiced their skepticism, with one user saying, “Just for the record: military grade = crap.”

Another shared similar sentiment, adding, “Military grade in my experience that means it’s dead before it came out of the box lol.”

“By military she means a ‘rugged’ laptops. So those are more weather/disaster proof to basically survive the wilderness,” a third commenter said, defending the TikToker.

The TikToker later responded to the criticisms in a follow-up TikTok, listing the benefits of “military-grade” laptops, claiming they possess a higher build quality, often being more durable with features such as gorilla glass LCD screens or being able to access the internet through satellite. “I don’t know other industries but I do know in IT, military is top shelf,” she concluded.

The Daily Dot has reached out to TikToker Misty Dawn Meggs via email for comment.

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*First Published: Jul 30, 2023, 5:57 am CDT