Customer says she paid $26 for undercooked chicken in Caesar salad, air fries it herself


‘I’m gonna throw up if I eat it’: Customer says she paid $26 for undercooked chicken in Caesar salad, has to air-fry it herself

‘No bc that’s raw.’


Stacy Fernandez


A TikToker had to recook the chicken that came in the salad she ordered out of fear it was undercooked.

While the video was posted by what claims to be a Lauren Tiby fan account, a recent TikTok posted on the page indicates that Lauren does own the page, but it’s her secondary account for complaints and other informal videos.

Lauren is a popular lifestyle TikToker with nearly 750,000 followers.

In the video, Lauren explains she had “food anxiety” and says what happened with her food delivery order is the perfect example.

The influencer explains that she ordered takeout and spent “$26 disgusting dollars” for a chicken Caesar salad and truffle fries. But, when she opened up the salad, she says she noticed the cut-up chicken was “looking a little too pink” for her liking.

A person off-camera chimes in to disagree with Lauren and say that the chicken “looks great” to them.

“No, it doesn’t,” Lauren says, irritated.

“I’m gonna throw up if I eat it, so I’m legit putting it in the air fryer and cooking it a little bit longer cuz I’m not letting my $26 go to waste,” Lauren says.

Lauren picks out the chicken from the salad box and placing it on an aluminum-lined sheet.

“I know if I actually eat this, I’ll give myself a stomachache,” Lauren says.

She proceeds to put a piece of chicken in direct light so viewers can see what she’s talking about. The inside of the chick doesn’t appear to have raw bits but does have a slightly pink hue.


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The video has more than 600,000 views and over 670 comments.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, eating undercooked chicken can cause food poisoning. Chicken is the most consumed meat in the United States, and about one million people get sick each year from eating contaminated poultry.

The CDC suggests that people cooking chicken at home use a food thermometer to confirm that the meat is cooked to a safe internal temperature of 165°F. If chicken looks undercooked at a restaurant, the government agency suggests sending the chick back “for more cooking.”

“1. Same but 2. Just to give ur anxiety a little razzle dazzle, it already touched all of the salad aka gonna make you sick anyway,” the most popular comment read.

Commenters were largely on Lauren’s side.

“I have food anxiety with meat and meat only so I feel you girl,” a person said.

“No chicken is SO scary,” another wrote.

“It’s a texture thing too like I can just feeeel it tastes raw,” a commenter shared.

The Daily Dot reached out to Lauren for comment via email.

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