couple outside with caption 'Come w my BF for his first time grocery shopping alone' (l) Trader Joe's building with sign (c) shopping list in text message with captions 'Sike! Be so ffr rn.' (r)

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‘This is actually a dealbreaker for me’: Woman shares her boyfriend’s first time shopping alone at Trader Joe’s. It backfires

'Oh so he's on straight toddler mode rn.'


Phil West


Posted on Jul 14, 2023

Women far and wide have joked about male Instacart shoppers‘ inability to successfully navigate a grocery store. The trend has now extended to include boyfriends, as a viral TikTok illustrated.

TikTok creator @natbush427 put together a slideshow post chronicling the steps she had to take to ensure her boyfriend successfully completed a shopping trip at Trader Joe’s. The post has garnered over 461,000 views since going up on Wednesday.

In the caption, the creator wrote, “His talents span far and wide but an unaccompanied trip to TJ’s? Critical thinking, decision-making skills, and [common] sense cease to exist.”

She also described the trip as her boyfriend’s “first time grocery shopping alone.”

As the slideshow illustrates, not only did the creator provide a detailed list, she also included photos of select items that might be hard to find. The pictures were ordered in correspondence with the list.

The slideshow includes text exchanges and the creator’s commentary on those communications. Her boyfriend starts by asking, “Do we need more butter?” The creator notes, via on-screen caption, “Questions start before he is out the door.”

Dill then proves confusing; the boyfriend asks of the picture of dill, “Is that first picture parsley?”

He also asks about garlic, which is on the list, though he didn’t initially see it. As he struggles to nail other items on the list, the creator cracks, “Oh so he’s on straight toddler mode rn.”

To his confusion about which bread to get, she notes, “Reminding him he has free will.”

He concludes his shopping trip by texting, “I think I got everything. Even the ice cream.”

The creator snarkily commented, “That was on the list, right? Good job, babe!”

He adds, “Even got the f*cking cucumber.”

“Wow! That was on the list too! Maybe he wants a cookie?” she captioned in response.

Commenters were aghast.

“This is actually a deal breaker for me no joke,” said one.

“100%,” another agreed. “It gives me the ICK.”

Someone else remarked, “It starts cute and funny and then one day it’s ANYTHING but……”

One commenter defended the boyfriend, saying, “Damn after these comments, your poor man he don’t deserve all this hate you literally said he had never been to the store before smh.”

The creator responded, “I wanted to delete but he wants to keep it up.” She added, “I don’t know how to make it clearer this man grew up on gas station food and jollof rice….”

Another commenter had a torrent of questions: “Has this man ever lived alone?? How does he like go to work and follow instructions? How is this any different? I have so many questions.”

The creator ended up making a follow-up TikTok, soundtracked to Nicki Minaj’s “Did It On Em,” showing a text exchange in which she contemplates taking down the slideshow because of the online heat her boyfriend is taking.

But the text exchange reveals the boyfriend to be cool with it, noting, “That’s what come w being famous.”

@natbush427 Replying to @Emily ♬ Did It On’em – Nicki Minaj

One commenter there, echoing others, said, “Actual MEGA green flag reaction. Most would be crying about how you embarassed them lmfaoooooo.”

The Daily Dot contacted @natbush427 via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Jul 14, 2023, 7:35 pm CDT