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‘The only time I have ever regretted checking’: Woman tracks boyfriend’s location. It backfires

‘I think I can air this out now.’


Jack Alban


In the age of technology, every move can be tracked and every secret unveiled with a simple click.

One TikToker’s story showcasing a tale of love, surprise, and the pitfalls of modern tech has been viewed by millions—over 4.2 million, to be exact.

Emmie (@emmmie.kate) revealed that she tracked her boyfriend’s location, only to end up spoiling a really big surprise for herself.

Set to the nostalgic tune “I’m Just a Girl” by No Doubt, Emmie’s slideshow video starts with a candid snapshot of her and her boyfriend. The text overlay reads: “The only time I have ever regretted checking my boyfriend’s location.”

As the video progresses, viewers are treated to a screengrab of her boyfriend’s location, revealing he’s at none other than the Diamond Exchange, a jewelry store where one can get, well, diamonds. That’s right, Emmie’s boyfriend was out shopping for an engagement ring for Emmie.

While the revelation undoubtedly brought joy to Emmie’s heart, it also inadvertently spoiled what would have been a heart-stopping surprise of seeing her man on one knee. The video, though light, brings to the foreground the double-edged sword that is Apple’s “Find My” feature. On one hand, it’s a godsend when you’ve misplaced your AirPods, or need to locate your car in a sprawling Walmart parking lot. On the other, it can unintentionally unveil surprises best left discovered in the moment.

Emmie’s decision to disable comments on the video speaks to the personal nature of the story. Still, one can only imagine the myriad of reactions from viewers, ranging from empathetic “SMHs” to stories of similar tech-induced revelations.

In our hyper-connected world, where the line between privacy and convenience is increasingly blurred, Emmie’s tale serves as a gentle reminder: While technology offers countless benefits, sometimes, a little mystery goes a long way. While Emmie may have missed out on the initial shock of the proposal, she gained a story that likely resonated with many people. And she said her boyfriend at the time still managed to surprise her. “It’s been a year I think I can air this out now. He still surprised me big time,” she captioned her video.

It’s unclear why Emmie is able to track her boyfriend’s location. Some couples share their locations for safety reasons. However, Emmie also undoubtably also received criticism for doing so.

There are some folks who argue that tracking a significant other is never a good idea. However, experts say it’s not that black and white. According to USA Today, experts urge people to take a few things into consideration when deciding whether or not to share their location with a significant other. “Experts say every choice is valid, and stress it’s important to keep your own mental health as well as your attachment and experiences with trauma in mind when making the best decision for you,” USA Today reported after talking with experts about the practice.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Emmie via email for further comment.

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