Customer warns against buying skincare from Temu after brightening cream bleached her skin

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‘How do you whitewash a white person!!!’: Customer warns against buying skincare from Temu after brightening cream bleached her skin

‘Your first mistake was buying literally anything on Temu.’


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Quick question: would you buy skincare products made in a country whose FDA has been mired in controversy? Additionally, would you purchase said products through an application that offers suspiciously low prices and then be shocked that the item(s) you bought provided results you were unhappy with?

That’s what happened to a TikToker who goes by Monster Splash (@drag0nsp1t). The creator says she purchased “milk brightening cream” from the popular online marketplace, Temu.

The online retailer has become the bane of shipping facility workers and postmen alike for the sheer quantity of stuff folks order via the app. It now has another vocal detractor in Splash, who wasn’t happy with what the milk-brightening cream did to her skin.

She posted her outrage in a viral TikTok that’s garnered 8 million views as of Saturday where she screams that she will never buy any more beauty products from Temu ever again.

@drag0nsp1t #greenscreen DONT FUCKING BUY THE MILK BRIGHTENING CREAM OFF OF TEMU #fyp #temu ♬ original sound – monster splash

Splash records her video from a bathroom, initially focusing the video on a toilet as she shrieks off-camera.

“I am never getting face products from Temu ever again,” she starts. “I’m so f*cking sick, I got this milk brightening cream from Temu because I needed new facial moisturizer and I thought, ‘hmm this is gonna make my skin look more youthful, it’s gonna give a glow to my skin’ and I put it on while I couldn’t see what was going on in the mirror because my mirror was f*cked up.”

Splash shows off the canister of the brightening cream which is designed to resemble a glass jug of milk before the camera is reversed where she shows off her face. She gasps and laughs audibly upon seeing her own face in the recording.

“Aaaahhh! Look at my eyelids that is my real skin color right there,” she says. The color of her eyelids is starkly different from the paler complexion of her cheeks, forehead, and other parts of her countenance.

“What is this? This cream f*cking whitewashed me. How do you whitewash a white person? Oh my god! It’s coming up around my lips like a really f*cking patchy foundation. I have to go to work like this. I have to go to work like this!”

One commenter said that they thought purchasing skincare products from Temu sounded like a bad idea, writing, “I would never be bold enough to buy makeup or skincare from Temu.”

This was a sentiment echoed by another user on the platform who wrote, “No way y’all are buying skincare on Temu of all places.”

Someone else said the name “skin brightening cream” told her all she needed to know about the function of the product.

“Baby what did u think they meant by skin brightening cream?” the user said. The creator replied she was under the impression it would make her skin “glowy.”

Another said that the products on Temu weren’t worth purchasing in the first place when it comes to personal use.

“Your first mistake was buying literally anything on Temu, I just use it to make money,” they said.

However, Splash said that she has previously bought beauty items from the application and has been satisfied with them.

“I’ve gotten face products from Temu before and they haven’t let me down until NOW,” she shared.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Temu via email and Splash via TikTok comment.

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