Mailman urges customers to stop ordering from Temu

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‘But those 53 items only cost me $5.93’: Customers defend ordering from Temu app as USPS worker urges them to stop

'I'm Temu Tired.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Jul 1, 2023

If you’ve browsed through social media, you’ve probably come across a cool-looking product that caught your interest and advertised for an absurdly low price. So low that you have to click on the ad and see what the deal was—only to be redirected to a prompt to download the Temu app.

One of the most commonly advertised items shown in Temu’s ads is its $7 Nintendo Switch sweepstakes—which may seem like a scam, but many reported they were able to purchase the console, which usually retails for $299.99 brand new, for an absurdly low $7. The trouble is, they are in such low supply, that they usually sell out quickly.

The low prices of a lot of Temu’s offerings have people suspicious, but as ZDNet reports, it’s a legitimate online retailer that throngs of people successfully order from, with the only drawback being that many of the products ship from China, resulting in long delivery times.

Because the site offers so many products for such low prices, customers aren’t shy about ordering a boatload of stuff to have delivered to their homes, much to the chagrin of this facility store worker.

Now, this postman on TikTok is asking folks to stop bombarding him with so many deliveries from the application.

TikToker Sean Fogelson (@seanfogelson513) posted a viral video that’s garnered more than 10 million views as of Saturday morning. In it, he calls out Temu die-hards for inundating his truck with boxes of orders from the app.

@seanfogelson513 73 items from one Got Damn store! I'm Temu Tired yall 😥🤣🤣🤣 #fyp #funny #funnyvideos #Temu #delivery ♬ original sound – That "One Mailman"

“You think y’all could, like, chill out on the Temu website like a little bit, just a little bit for me?” he says in the clip. “I’m tired of this Temu sh*t, y’all killing me.”

“Every day it’s Temu, Temu, Temu. I’m Temu tired, all right?” he continues. Fogelson then complains about the packaging, saying all the items customers order go into one giant bag that’s “awkward and heavier than a motherf*cker.”

“Then if you ain’t home where I’m supposed to hide this bright a** orange bag with all 29 items you just ordered, huh?” he asks. “‘Cause then when it gets stolen, you gonna be coming at me, hey mister mailman, where my Temu bag with all 47 items I just ordered…F*cking 53 items from one goddamn store.”

One commenter replied that because of the online store’s low prices, they probably won’t be stopping themselves from shopping there anytime soon.

“Look we broke!!!!” they wrote. “Temu is where it’s at!”

Someone else echoed this sentiment, writing, “But those 53 items only cost me $5.93.”

Another remarked that while delivery folks used to complain about delivering Amazon, they now would prefer those over Temu packages.

“SAY IT LOUDER!!!!” a user said. “Bring back Amazon I’m sorrryyy I complained about you… Temu bag bigger than my truck.”

One person who said they work for USPS remarked that they, too, are about as “Temu Tired” as Fogelson is.

“I’m a postal worker to my truck is full of orange bags now every day!” they said.

It didn’t seem like anyone was heeding his pleas either, as another TikToker said, “Just got my first package today!!!! And y’all bouta be SICKA MEEEE!!!!!”

By offering products so cheaply, many may wonder how Temu makes money. It’s business model is pretty straightforward—the company takes a percentage cut of all the items sold on its platform, according to Product Mint.

“Temu makes money by taking a percentage cut from the purchases made via its platform,” the site states. “That commission is paid by the merchants who sell on Temu. In that regard, Temu operates similarly to traditional online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, which both charge fees in the high single or low double digits.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Temu via email and Fogelson via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jul 1, 2023, 8:29 am CDT