Tech CEO furious at bouncer who won't let him into club

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‘I will delete your Facebook account in 3 seconds’: Tech bro furious at bouncer who won’t let him into club

'bro thinks everyone should treat him like a king'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Feb 4, 2024   Updated on Feb 4, 2024, 9:28 pm CST

In the epic battle between a New York City bouncer in a fedora and fur coat versus two entitled rich kids, it’s pretty obvious who’s winning. 

In a viral TikTok from user @theeuropeankid, which has garnered about half a million views, a tech CEO and his friend, are seen trying (and failing) to get into a NYC club. 

At the start of the clip the CEO guy is being held back as he nearly pops a vein yelling at the laid-back bouncer who doesn’t want to let them in.

“Listen, I will delete your Facebook account in three seconds,” the CEO threatens, then adding that he’s going to call his investors as if that’s gonna do anything. “Say hi for me,” the bouncer replies, unbothered. 

Noticing that his threats aren’t getting him anywhere, the guy tries to go the fame route, telling the man that he’s one of Forbe’s 30 under 30.

“You don’t understand who you’re messing with. I’m building an AI company, OK. That’s gonna take over the world. Your kids will use my company. How do you feel about that?” he asked.

The other guy, who you probably forgot about by now, chimes in with an almost sad tone, saying that he doesn’t understand why the bouncer always gives him a hard time. “I don’t appreciate the way you treat me,” he says. “It’s disrespectful, I’m not in a TSA precheck, OK? We are in America! We have rights!”

@theeuropeankid has posted several of these “annoying rich kid” videos, acting entitled in each of them. These are quite obviously skits. We have no clue if he’s actually rich, but he sure does a good job of playing the rich kid part. 


Bro thinks he’s in a movie…

♬ original sound – European kid

This kind of content easily falls into the category of “outrage media.” This type of content is meant to provoke a strong reaction, specifically anger and outrage, to gain and keep views. Outrage media is known for using inflammatory language, biased information, or in this case, showing an extreme reaction. 

”Because our attention naturally locks on content that inspires negative emotions like anger and fear, those urges are currently baked into social media’s algorithms,” Laura Miller wrote for Slate. “And the more we engage with that content, the more mad and scared we become.”

Whether or not people think the videos are real, they are infuriating to a lot of people in the comments, while others are just shocked to see that the creator seemingly has a twin.

“If he really had clout he would make one call and somebody would run out to let him in,” a person said. 

“bro thinks everyone should treat him like a king,” another wrote.

“There are TWO of them??!” the top comet read. 

“Bro thinks he’s in a movie…” the caption read. 

The Daily Dot reached out to the influencer for comment via email.

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*First Published: Feb 4, 2024, 8:00 pm CST