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‘How is that any different than any other job that serves the public?‘: Worker shares whether you’re expected to tip at Subway

‘We had an order over $2,000 and we got no tips.’


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A Subway worker’s video about the tipping culture surrounding the popular sandwich chain has gone viral.

The video, posted by Amanda Marks (@amarx76) on May 26, has over 38,500 views and counting.

“Do you guys tip at Subway? Let’s talk about it,” Amanda begins in her TikTok. “This is definitely controversial. Some people love to tip Subway workers, and some people are totally against it. To be honest, I think I get both sides, but obviously, I’m pro-tipping.”

Amanda shares a couple of anecdotes to highlight the inconsistency in tipping when it comes to fast-food chains. “We had this catering order, it was nine platters, six sandwich platters, and three toppings platters. And the customer tipped us $75. But then last week we had an order over $2,000, and we got no tips. That was pretty crazy to me.”

She concludes, “But anyways, yes, I am pro-tipping, and for all you pro-tippers, we appreciate you all so much.”

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The comments section is representative of the debate surrounding tipping culture

The comments section of the video mirrors the divide Amanda described with users arguing about the necessity of tipping at fast-food joints like Subway.

One commenter wrote, “How is that any different than any other job that serves the public? Should I get tipped at Walmart?”

Another commenter drew the line at full-service restaurants, stating, “I only tip in sit down restaurants.”

“No. Only at sit down restaurants. Places should pay their staff an actual livable wage, not expect me to do it, so they can enhance the bottom line,” a third declared.

“I tip if I’m brought the food. Delivery? Tip! Sit-down restaurant? Tip! If I have to grab something from ya, I’m not for tipping. It adds up over time,” one more remarked.

People are more likely to tip at sit-down restaurants

According to a Pew Research report, 92% of U.S. adults who dine at sit-down restaurants (where a server takes their order) say they “always” or “often” tip. This is in stark contrast to only 12% who say the same for fast-food restaurants without servers.

Additionally, approximately 78% of Americans who get haircuts and 76% of those who have food delivered also tip regularly.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Amanda Marks via email and to Subway via press email for comment.

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