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‘It’s the easiest way to move manically across the country’: Server says hidden benefit of waitress job is being able to ‘impulsively’ move

‘Serving and bartending is how I’ve lived. in4 different states in the last 5 years.’


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Working as a waitress can seem pretty thankless, but at least the jobs are fairly easy to get when you move to a new place. According to one TikToker, it’s the best employment option if you ever need to “manically move across the country.”

@celibate_succubus #stitch with @Lulu back to the life of a comped meal being all i eat for the day and downing 7 pepsi’s #serving #waitressing #resturantlife ♬ original sound – Lulu

TikTok veteran Lulu (@celibate_succubus) is no stranger to searching for jobs. Back in July, she went viral with a video about the tedium of job application IQ tests. Her latest video, posted one day ago, has already picked up over 312,000 views. In it, she points out that despite the flaws of the service industry, waitressing is at least an easy gig to score.

“Crawling back to waitressing because it’s the easiest way to manically move across country,” Lulu writes in the on-screen text of her video as she shows herself googling “soul-sucking serving jobs.” We then see her digging into a comped shift meal at her new waiting gig. 

“I’ll admit, I was a little nervous this time,” she begins. “Usually, it only takes me two days to find a job when I impulsively move. It took me five this time.”

Many of the video’s viewers voiced their amazement at Lulu’s ability to land a waitressing gig so quickly, even in the volatile service industry.

“Omg how [did] you find a serving job so quickly??” asked one.

“How I’ve been job-searching for four months,” another viewer wrote. 

The waitress revealed her secret in response to one of the comments. “I emailed 50+ restaurants my resume and [a] personalized message to the email on their site, even if they weren’t hiring, the week before I arrived.”

In a follow-up video posted today, Lulu made it clear that she is not a “role model.” She says that her nomadic habits are not a permanent thing: “I plan on going into nursing school. This is just an in-between.”

But one user was inspired by the video: “Taking this as a sign. Moving cross country and just applied to a fine dining place.”

Another cosigned the TikToker’s choice to waitress, sharing, “Serving and bartending is how I’ve lived. in4 different states in the last 5 years.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Lulu for further comment. 

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