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‘I am almost 2 years sober’: Sober customer finds out she was served a cocktail instead of mocktail only after bill arrives

'I drank the whole thing.'


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Posted on Nov 20, 2023   Updated on Nov 20, 2023, 8:41 am CST

A user on TikTok has sparked discussion after alleging that a restaurant served them a cocktail instead of a “mocktail.” They claim they only discovered this fact upon seeing the bill. The user in question is two years sober.

In a video with over 931,000 views, TikTok user Anna (@e.gg47) recalls exactly what she says happened.

“When I got the bill and found out that the waitress had brought me a COCKTAIL when I ordered a MOCKtail and I drank the whole thing,” Anna writes in the text overlaying the video. “(I am almost 2 years sober).”

Anna isn’t the first to share a story like this on the social media platform. Back in April, another sober user claimed that a bar served him alcohol after he asked for a “virgin” drink; the user was 16 months sober at the time. A few months later, a further TikTok user inspired debate after noting that a drink advertised as “0% alcohol” actually contained trace amounts of alcohol.

Back on Anna’s TikTok, while the user may be justifiably concerned about the possibility that she consumed alcohol, commenters explained that there’s a significant chance that she did not actually drink anything alcoholic.

“If you didn’t taste or feel alc, it probably was a mock. when I was a server we didn’t have a separate function for alcohol free in the computer,” wrote a user.

“I have to ring in mock tails as cocktails because we don’t have a button for it,” echoed another.

Other users simply offered words of encouragement for Anna.

“Not your fault and it doesn’t have to break your sobriety if you don’t want it to,” stated a commenter. “I know it’s really easy to spiral from this but you can get past it.”

“Not your fault. you didn’t relapse,” offered a second. “Sobriety isn’t an on/off switch. You are still 2 years sober.”

“A big part of sobriety is about making choices, this one was made without your consent, it doesn’t mean you failed,” declared a third.

“I’m vegetarian and have accidentally had meat a few times, doesn’t make me any less vegetarian,” detailed an additional TikToker.

@e.gg47 this happened today :( #mocktail #cocktail #sobriety #soberlife ♬ original sound – hemissme

That said, many suggested reaching out to the establishment and letting them know what happened.

“Pls always tell a manager. I’m a server, this is very important,” advised a commenter.

“Please do tell the manager. My partner CANNOT have alcohol due to a health issue and could end up seriously unwell if someone did this to her,” said a further TikToker.

The Daily Dot reached out to Anna via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Nov 20, 2023, 10:00 am CST