Customer tries to gatekeep the 'greatest sandwich' he's ever had. It backfires


‘Bro didn’t let him gatekeep’: Customer tries to gatekeep the ‘greatest sandwich’ he’s ever had. It backfires

‘I’m not telling you where it’s from.’


Nina Hernandez


What’s the morally correct position on sandwich gatekeeping?

One TikTok user recently learned the hard way that it’s not easy to gatekeep a favorite food or beverage spot.

TikTok user @GeoRainbolt, who bills himself as a “professional Google Maps player,” recently stitched a video of another user who shows off the “greatest sandwich” of all time.

“And I’m not telling you where it’s from,” the OP says in the video.


168 william st, nyc. you can order it by asking for "the rainbolt" . do not gatekeep.

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Not on GeoRainbolt’s watch. “I will. It’s an egg, cheese, and avocado bagel from Bagel Market on 168 William Street, New York City,” he says in the video.

And he doesn’t stop there. GeoRainbolt gives even more specific directions. “You walk approximately 300 feet north and eat it at this table,” he adds.

And GeoRainbolt includes a final tip in the caption: “You can order it by asking for ‘the rainbolt’. Do not gatekeep.”

Multiple users applauded the effort and disagree with the principle of withholding the location of popular food or beverage spots.

“Bro didn’t let him gatekeep,” wrote one user.

“I’m rocking with the anti-gatekeeping movement,” a user called Sabuko commented.

“Anti-gatekeeping at its finest,” a third user wrote.

It also appears user @Brooklynbagelblog was in on the sleuthing. “We did it,” the “Bagel Ambassador” wrote.

“Thank you for your service,” GeoRainBolt responded.

And some commenters expressed disbelief at the preciseness of GeoRainbolt’s tracking.

“Bro the exact table???” a commenter called Tobi wrote.

User Jbz5000 said, “If he’s doing indoors now it’s all over.”

Other users noted this was a high difficulty search.

“Broo finally found the bagel,” wrote user PongLenis.

“So this is the bagel that took you two weeks to find lol,” another user wrote.

The video has amassed more than 2.1 million views since it was posted June 8. The Daily Dot reached out to GeoRainbolt via Instagram DM for comment.

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