Server calls out repeat customers who think their being slick by promising cash tip, taking it back

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‘I would walk up and say omg I think someone stole the tip!’: Server calls out repeat customers who think they are being slick by promising cash tip, taking it back

'I'm gonna have management check the cameras to see what happened!'


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Posted on Aug 24, 2023   Updated on Aug 24, 2023, 2:15 pm CDT

Tipping is a polarizing issue among patrons of businesses. A lot of discussion about the practice is shared on TikTok, where folks share their differing opinions about it.

The pervasiveness of tipping built into many point-of-sale systems has completely put some customers off of tipping, while others have expressed that they disagree with the practice entirely and feel a business owner should pay employees fairly instead of relying on customers to do it. However, the majority usually believes tipping for service at sit-down restaurants is proper etiquette.

One waitress shared on the platform that the sit-down restaurant she works at has a pair of regulars who tip-bait her and her co-workers despite always receiving very good service.

TikToker @angiegirl71 said one of the two regulars is friends with one of her co-workers, who, at first, thought not getting tipped might be personal. However, once the TikToker, herself, handled the table, she confirmed it was just how they operated.

In the video, Angie (@angiegirl71) said the two customers would tell whoever served them they were leaving a cash tip. She said while the duo paid separately, and both promised a cash tip, only one of the patrons would put cash down on the table. By the time they left, there was no such tip on the table.

“Just as I’m walking up as they’re leaving, the cash is collected off the table that she portrayed to leave. The other lady never laid anything down, and she left,” she said in the video. “I told my co-worker, ‘It’s not personal.’ These ladies come back, day-in and day-out, to the same restaurant, get great service, and don’t leave a tip. You don’t get good service, don’t leave a tip. But you’re a regular, and every single waitress that you have, you don’t leave a tip unashamedly and pretend you are? Blows my mind.”

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The Daily Dot has reached out to @angiegirl71 via comment on the video.

Many commenters shared how they would not let the women get away with tip-baiting while also avoiding confrontation.

“Next time: ‘Oh the last couple times you ladies came someone stole the tip from your table, do you mind handing it to me to prevent that?'” one commenter wrote.

“I would walk up and say omg I think someone stole the tip!” another commenter wrote. “Im gonna have management check the cameras to see what happened!”

“I would have said my shift ended and scoop the money up immediately,” a third suggested.

Others advised involving a manager to resolve the situation.

“I would have manager confront them,” one commenter wrote. “I see you have removed tip several times. Can I ask what the dissatisfaction was?”

Angie responded to some of the suggestions, remarking that they were “great” ideas and said, “next time we need to take [the cash] when it’s out.”

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*First Published: Aug 24, 2023, 2:14 pm CDT