Target employees speaking with caption 'Reasons not to work at Target' (l) Target building with sign (c) Target interior with stack of boxes and caption 'Reasons not to work at Target' (r)

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‘I come to work and literally debate on just ghosting them after every shift’: Viewers defend workers sharing ‘reasons not to work at Target’

‘The guests are too much.’


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If you’ve ever worked retail then you know that there can be more drawbacks than perks. Weird customers, low pay, and suspicious raises are only a few reasons why people may not want to work at retail stores such as Target.

Recently, TikToker Bri (@mxedginger) posted a video with a fellow co-worker, discussing the downsides of working at Target. The clip has been viewed over 166,000 times as of Friday afternoon. Short and to the point, the workers began talking about short timeframes for manual labor, customers needing attention, and a sense of constantly been monitored by other employees and managers.

“Guests be crazy. Yesterday someone was yelling at electronics because nobody was over there,” Bri’s co-worker explained.

Bri agreed, “The guests are too much.”

Users were quick to agree that Target isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

@mxedginger any retail job tbh @KC #fyp #fypシ #viral #target #retail #foryou ♬ original sound – Bri

“I know Target looks like a nice place to work but in reality ITS NOT,” a user said.

Another user agreed, “Exactly Target is not what y’all think. I lasted 3 months.”

“It’s the 30 min lunch for me- I need a mf hour,” replied a third commenter.

Another former Target worker added to the chorus. “Target was the only job I ever quit without putting in my 2 weeks. The management was horrible,” she said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Bri via TikTok comments and Target via email for further comment.

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