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‘I did not know y’all was out here spending car payments on Popeyes’: Woman shocked at how much Popeyes for 2 people came out to

‘Fast food and delis are no longer the cheap option.’


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A Popeyes customer and former DoorDash driver posted a viral TikTok saying she was shocked by how much her meal for two came out to.

Fisayo (@queenolamide_) has reached over 97,000 views on her video. She added a caption that read, “I’m starting to think those big, double bags of Popeyes I would deliver to people cost $2,000.”

To start her video, Fisayo asks viewers, “Why didn’t y’all tell me Popeyes is $1,000?”

Fisayo begins by explaining how she and a friend recently went to Popeyes, and both ordered a five-piece tender combo, each with an extra side. 

“Why did that sh*t come out to $51?” Fisayo asks. “We jumped, and the cashier started laughing.” She says the cashier told them, “That’s not even a lot.” 

“I had no idea Popeyes was that amount of bread,” she adds. “I did not know y’all was out here spending car payments on Popeyes.”

Then, Fisayo explained how she had previously been a driver for Uber Eats and DoorDash. She jokes that people who order Popeyes off food delivery services are “paying millions of dollars with the price of the Popeyes alone, and those apps be up-charging the food already, and then charging y’all fees, extra fees on top of that.” 

She says that during the time that she delivered food, Popeyes was “notorious for messing up people’s orders.” She says that “drinks would be missing … whole entire meals would be missing,” and DoorDash customers would blame her for the meal mishaps. 

“Now I understand,” she says. “You sold your kidney to afford a meal.” 

Fisayo says she needs viewers to understand that “$50 for two people is insane.” She adds, “I have never in my life spent that much money on fast food.” 

Next, Fisayo says that Popeyes also tried to charge her and her friend for extra sauces.

“First of all, we asked for sauce. They gave us three; one of them was wrong,” she says. “So, two sauces for the both of us?”

Then, Fisayo says when her friend went back into Popeyes to grab more sauce, the workers tried to charge her $2-3. “They’re charging for sauce?” she asks. “Is that the norm now? Because I’m alarmed.”

Fisayo asks viewers, “Why aren’t we rioting? When did fast food become so f*cking expensive, and why are we all just playing along?”

Before ending her video, she says the price of fast food right now is “not normal” and that, as consumers, “we cannot accept this.” 

@queenolamide_ I’m starting to think those big, double bags of popeyes I would deliver to people cost $2,000 #popeyes #popeyeschicken #fastfood #expensive #expensivefood #blacktiktok #blackgirltiktok #blackwomenoftiktok #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – Fisayo 💞

“Fast food and delis are no longer the cheap option,” a viewer told Fisayo in the comments section of her video. “I spent less at the sushi place.”

According to Fast Food Club, a Popeyes 5pc Tenders Combo- Classic is priced at $13.49. Side menu prices range from $1.20 to $7.99, depending on your choice of side, and the cost of side sauces ranges from 25 cents to $1.

Based on these prices, Fisayo and her friend’s meal of two 5pc tender combos, two sides, and three sauces would add up to an estimated total price of $32.38 if they chose the cheapest options for sides and sauces. 

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen states that its prices vary by location. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Fisayo via TikTok comment and Instagram direct message and to Popeyes via email for more information.

In recent headlines, a woman caught a vendor selling a “homemade” dinner plate for $25. It turns out the vendor was a Popeyes reseller

Update 4:21pm CT, June 26: In a message to the Daily Dot, Fisayo shared further thoughts on Popeyes’ prices.

“The whole point of fast food is to be fast, convenient & cheap,” she wrote. “If fast food is now just as expensive or more expensive than your average sit down restaurant, what’s the point of even going there?”

She added, “Paying restaurant prices for not restaurant quality food doesn’t make sense to me. Other commenters also rightfully pointed out that even all you can eat sushi places are cheaper than Popeyes now and I just think that’s insane!”

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