Worker tries to log out of Microsoft Outlook account. She has to click 'Delete Your Account'

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‘Someone Who’s Getting Paid Probably 5x My Salary Approved This Sh*t’: Worker Tries To Log Out of Microsoft Outlook Account. She Has To Click ‘Delete Your Account’

'Everything is so unnecessarily difficult in outlook.'


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Posted on Jul 25, 2023   Updated on Jul 25, 2023, 10:51 am CDT

People are frustrated with Microsoft Office Outlook’s user interface, and one TikToker is putting the company on blast for it.

In a TikTok video that has garnered over 635,000 views, user Ellie (@fenfushi) is calling out Microsoft for its unclear language when it comes to users signing out of their email accounts. 

@fengfushi @Microsoft we are beefing. Fix outlook’s UI for the love of god ill do user testing for FREE #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #rant #microsoft #microsoftoffice #outlook #worklife #uidesign #ui ♬ original sound – ellie

Ellie starts the video off by saying, “Whoever designed the UI for Outlook the app, go f*ck yourself.”

“It pisses me off to know that someone who’s getting paid like probably five times my salary approved this sh*t,” she continues.

The TikToker then explains the reason for her ire. She says that if she’s trying to log out of her account, she looks for phrases like “sign out” or “log out,” in order to do so. But this isn’t the case when it comes to Microsoft’s Outlook app because, as the TikToker shows her viewers, Outlook wants users to click on a button that reads “Delete Account” in order to sign out.

“Who in their right f*cking mind is clicking “delete account” to log out of their account?” she asks her viewers. “Like if I’m trying to sign out of an account, I’m gonna click sign out. I’m signing out. I’m removing it just temporarily off the app. I’m not deleting my entire email,” Ellie says.

The Outlook user also points out, “There is enough money in Microsoft to where they are able to do user testing so who the f*ck greenlit this?”

She ends the video by saying, “Microsoft, hire me. I can do a better job. I promise you.”

A number of fellow Microsoft Outlook users expressed their own frustrations with the software.

“The fact that they delete calendar invites after you respond,” said one user, pointing out another issue with the app. 

“Everything is so unnecessarily difficult in outlook,” noted someone else.

“Outlook is legitimately terrible, no idea how they seem to make it worse with every update too,” read a third comment.

“The desktop app is somehow barely usable, the search bar never finds what you want it to, the way it displays threads is maddening,” another person said, listing off the many irritations they had with the app.

Apparently, Outlook’s desktop experience isn’t any better. As one user wrote, “And don’t get me started on the desktop app!”

Update 10:48am CT, July 25: When reached for comment, a Microsoft spokesperson told the Daily Dot: “We are continuously listening to customer feedback and will take action as needed in order to improve and deliver the best user experience possible.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Microsoft for comment via email.

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*First Published: Jul 25, 2023, 4:11 am CDT