Customer asks tire mechanic for integral part he forgot. She can’t believe his response

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‘I’m just a girl…I didn’t know’: Customer asks tire mechanic for integral part he forgot. She can’t believe his response

‘No fr what’s a tire socket?’


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For certain types of cars, regular wheel rotation is vital. When your tires are rotated, each individual wheel is taken from the car and moved to a different position. This helps ensure all tires wear the same amount, and in turn, last longer. According to Michelin Man, tires should be rotated every six months, or every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

Many assume that this type of knowledge should be a given, but for TikTok user @yupppdaisyyy, it came as a shock.

“So I took my car to the dealer to get an oil change. And they were like, ‘We could rotate your tires,’” she began. “Because apparently that doesn’t just happen while you’re driving.”

Daisy then went on to explain how, after picking up her car after the oil change, the mechanic told her that she needed a tire socket. He tells her to contact the place where she got the car. But she isn’t prepared for his response.

“Then the guy says, ‘How long ago did you get them?,”‘ she recounts. “And I’m like, ‘Oh, I don’t know, like, maybe like a year and a half ago.’ He’s like, ‘And we never gave you one?’ And I was like, ‘No, I’m like, I just picked up my car and I left.’”

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Daisy said that she then asked whether she could pick a tire socket up, but was told this wasn’t possible because it had been too long. She said that the mechanic then pointed out to her that “most people will ask about it within the first six months.”

“And in my head, I’m just like, I wanted to talk to him so bad like, ‘I’m just a girl […] I didn’t know I was gonna need these things,” she said.

“Like you guys are the ones who did stuff, you guys. You tell me what I need. I just came to make my car look pretty like this is crazy,” Daisy concluded. The Daily Dot reached out to her via email.

Viewers weigh in

In the comments section, other TikTokers said they could definitely relate to this scenario.

“I barely know how to drive, what the hell is a tire socket?” one asked.

“I’m just a girl is so real,” another added.

“I’m so happy my dad taught me about cars,” a third user said. “He was so harsh but it was so worth it.”

But while Daisy still has a lot to learn about car maintenance, sexism is all too common in the automotive industry. In a viral video, Trinity Wright (@trinityywright) detailed how she practiced her negotiating skills with dealership employees who would attempt to lowball her on account of her gender. In another, one mechanic admitted to women being overcharged for non-existent services.

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