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‘So rude you didn’t tell me’: Woman goes on date with man who freaks out that she doesn’t drink

'How are we gonna have fun tonight?'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Oct 4, 2023

On a date, people generally have the autonomy to choose whether they want to drink, potentially to loosen up while meeting someone for the first time, or if they want to keep sober that night and have a clear head.

Well, for one New York City woman, this wasn’t the case. Her date insisted she drink alcohol despite her declining multiple times. While many viewers pointed out that the woman’s date was a walking red flag, others were skeptical and doubted that the date was real.

In the viral video, Winta Zesu (@winta_zesu) is seen filming herself on a bad date. She’s heard asking the server for a mocktail, and her date immediately has a strong reaction.

“You don’t drink? How are we gonna have fun tonight?” the man says as if the only way to have fun with a person is to be tipsy or drunk.

Zesu’s date is heard ordering a drink called the “bad kitty,” and Zesu asks for the tea drink, but her date insists she gets a double Long Island Iced Tea instead, which is notorious for being a strong drink full of multiple hard liquors.

Later he asks for a round of shots “just for her,” and Zesu declines, calling his behavior out as weird.

“So rude you didn’t tell me that you don’t drink. Kind of wasting my time. I hate going out with someone all the time and not being able to drink,” the man says.

Zesu tells him that if he wants her to leave, he should “just say that” because she has no problem going home. She asks him to call her an Uber, but he refuses to get her one, instead saying that she can call herself an Uber after drinking several shots and that he’ll only call one for her if she drinks.

Zesu does eventually get up to cut the date short, and her date is heard in the background meekly saying, “Please don’t leave me.”

Zesu, a model and content creator, has gained popularity online for her rage-inducing videos that show either her or another person being incredibly rude, self-centered, or unreasonable.

In a Business Insider interview, Zesu admitted that it’s all an act of satire, and she was surprised that people took her videos and reactions so literally. Zesu appears to have at least 150 videos in this style and shared that she’s looking to become an actor and thought the skits would be a fun way to practice her improv skills.

“I was just pushing the limits of like, I can just act crazy,” Zesu told Insider. “I’m just posting whatever people react to, I guess.”

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*First Published: Oct 4, 2023, 8:51 am CDT