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‘I couldn’t call anyone’: Verizon customer warns latest iOS update may corrupt your iPhone SIM Card

‘Everyone from Verizon is saying they are having problems.’


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A recent iOS update has iPhone users around the country reporting SIM failure problems with their phones.

As noted in a recent viral video, some people who have installed the latest version of iOS have reported that their phones are suddenly losing signal or reporting that they have no SIM card. In some cases, users have claimed that this has rendered their phones unusable.

While Apple and others have detailed how to remedy this issue, some are still reporting problems. One such person is TikTok user Mason (@popcornwh0re), who claims that her “no SIM” notification became a safety issue.

Why you should handle a ‘no SIM’ notification ASAP

The Verizon customer says she was on her iPhone 13 when she got a notification that the SIM card was missing. 

“Then, I couldn’t call anyone. I wasn’t receiving calls. All my calls would fail. I couldn’t text,” she recalls.

Soon after, she says her boyfriend came over and cleaned her SIM card, which caused the temporary return of her service. However, soon after, she says her phone gave her the notification again, causing her to remove and clean the SIM card over and over.

Things got worse when she was traveling to work a few days later. While following her phone’s GPS, she says she noticed it went offline. And by the time she reached work, she says that not even Wi-Fi was working on the phone, barring apps like Safari and Gmail.

Following directions from Verizon, she says she attempted to convert her SIM to an eSIM. Unfortunately, this required receiving a text message from the account holder—and as she had no means of contacting the account holder, her father, she was left unable to set up the eSIM, she says.

To resolve the problem, she says she looked up directions to the nearest Verizon store and headed there after her shift. While this proved to be a process—she says she had to confirm who she was with an ID and confirm that she and her mother had different phones—she managed to convert the phone to an eSIM, hopefully resolving the ‘No SIM’ problem for good.

“If you’re getting that ‘no SIM’ notification, get your a** somewhere or your phone will die on you and you have no help,” Mason concludes.

Mason previously sparked discussion after claiming that her name made it difficult to place a mobile order at Starbucks.

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Commenters say it’s common

According to commenters, issues like the one described by Mason are common in iPhones.

“Everyone from Verizon is saying they are having problems,” wrote a user.

“Stoppp my phone is doing that rn. i have the 13 pro,” offered another.

“My phone has literally been on sos for 2 weeks because of the no sim and now my phone is TOTALED cause I just waited,” stated a third.

“Fun fact this ACTUALLY FREAKING HAPPENED TO ME TODAY!” exclaimed a further TikToker. “just take it to the professionals people!! verizon was like oh yeah i can fix it! and they did only took an hour!”

The Daily Dot reached out to Mason, Apple, and Verizon via email.

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