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‘I’m never taking a no-tip order again’: Instacart shopper takes $0 tip order as an ‘experiment.’ Customer still doesn’t tip after

‘Out of my 300 orders, I’ve had one person tip after the fact.’


Beau Paul


TikToker and Instacart driver Jessica Higgs (@jessicahiggs3) is back with a follow-up to her viral $1-tip video. This time, she’s taking a $0-tip delivery order as an experiment—and sadly the results are pretty much what you’d expect.


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Jessica has previously gone viral on TikTok when her video about an order with a $1-tip garnered over 100,000 views. As covered by The Daily Dot, the video shows the Instacart driver carefully assembling and delivering her order to a customer.

She receives no money for the delivery over her $7 fee and the $1 the customer had tipped before the order. In this follow-up video, Jessica decides to see what happens when she accepts an order with no pre-tip amount at all.

“I just accepted a no-tip order,” she tells her viewers. “We’re going to try this out and hopefully, they tip cash or something after,” she says, before adding, “This is for experimental reasons only.”

Jessica methodically assembles the Instacart grocery order, pulling the eight requested items from the store’s shelves. She then reappears on camera after completing the delivery.

“Well, I just delivered that. Let’s go to our price breakdown,” she says. Jessica proceeds to display her phone screen, which shows that she has made the standard $7 and, disappointingly, no tip whatsoever. “I just did this for you guys. Am I going to do it again? No,” she states with a laugh.

“Unless this TikTok blows up and gets me 100,000 likes, I’m not taking a no-tip order again,” she adds.

As of this writing, the Instacart delivery driver’s video has been viewed over 224,000 times, more than twice as many times as her “$1-DollarTip Order” video, which got 100,000 views. And TikTokers are definitely feeling for Jessica.

“Out of my 300 orders, I’ve had one person tip after the fact,” a fellow Instacart driver commented.

“I simply can’t fathom how someone can have a person do their shopping and not tip!!!!!” added another commenter.

A third user wrote,”The first time I [ordered] groceries, I gave a cash tip, I didn’t understand the system. It took so long to arrive, I gave him $15.”

Jessica replied, “Unfortunately, it took so long for it to arrive because the base pay doesn’t pay enough, [so] we rely on tips. And [we] can’t read notes until we [have] already [accepted].”

As Jessica states early in the video, “Yes, tipping is optional, but I also have the option to take or not take your order.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Jessica via TikTok comment for further information.

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