Expert shares ‘new method’ for how to get ‘ice cold’ air conditioning in your car in 10 minutes 4×4/shutterStock (Licensed)

‘This is real simple to do’: Mechanic shares ‘new method’ for how to get ‘ice cold’ A/C in your car in 10 minutes

‘The Old 99 is the secret.’


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Air conditioning can seem like an afterthought when choosing what to work on in your car, but anyone who has ever had it break in the summer knows the importance of keeping the system in tip-top condition.

Luckily for beginners, DIY Car Repair TikTok account Sweet Project Cars ( recently released a three-part series showing viewers a new method for how to get “ice cold” air conditioning in 10 minutes.

In the first video, viewed over 1.6 million times, he starts by promising that this is the fastest, easiest way to get your AC to blow ice cold in any vehicle. After checking the temperature, the video flips to a close up shot of the space between the grill and the engine.

The first step is removing the grill.

How to get ice cold A/C in 10 minutes

“It can be kind of a pain,” Sweet Project Cars warns, “you’re going to need panel tools to get the job done.”

Then he uses his “secret” method: W99 Degreaser

“Let that set for about an hour,” he says after spraying the filter with degreaser. “And it will not hurt your paint or your clear coat.”

In the second video, the mechanic uses an AC cleaner spray on the grill before letting it set for an additional “20 minutes”.

“The Old 99 is the secret,” he reiterates.

“So we let this set for about 20 minutes and then we hose it off,” he explains.

In the final video, Sweet Project Cars measures the temperature from the unit again. It dropped from mid-70s to the mid-30s.

“Other than the wait time, this will take you about 10 minutes of real work, other than getting your grill out. You can do it through your grill if you can’t get it out, you just have to be creative.”

Many users questioned Sweet Project Cars’ method for how to get “ice cold” air conditioning.

“Not very fast, if you have to pull front of car off not easiest,” a user points out.

“See you in my shop later.” another quips.

“That old 99 you can’t let sit no more than 10 instead you can use dawn dish soap so you don’t have to worry about it eating away the condenser,” a third advises.

“Radiator has nothing to do with a/c. it keeps engine cool. If a/c not cold it is due to freon being low,” a user adds.

A car’s AC system “works by turning a refrigerant liquid into a gas,” according to Synchrony, a finance website. As the refrigerant becomes gaseous it absorbs heat and humidity, leaving cool, dry air to pump into the car. Common parts in an air condtioner include a compressor, condenser, dryer, metering device/expansion valve, evaporator and hoses/lines. AC repairs can cost anywhere from $200 to over $2,000. AMAZING!!! Do You Want ICE COLD A/C in Just 10 Minutes? Then Try Our NEW Method for Air Conditioning #foryou #fyp #car ♬ original sound – Sweet Project Cars

Commenters aren’t the only people to be skeptical of a DIY AC repair. Royalty Auto Service, a mechanic shop with a large following on TikTok, warns people against DIYAC work because “certain things aren’t DIY friendly.” The mechanic shop points out that saving some money may not be worth it in the long run.

The Daily Dot reached out to Project Sweet Cars via TikTok comments. No other form of contact was available.

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