McDonald's worker holding ice cream cone with caption 'Me showing off my cone I made for myself to the gc:' (l) Facebook post about how many swirls ice cream gets with caption 'The next day:' (c) McDonald's ice cream cone in front of grey background (r)

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‘The amount of swirls is vital in our stat use’: McDonald’s worker puts too many swirls on ice cream cone. So manager writes paragraphs to team about how many swirls should go on a cone

‘This cannot be real.’


Angela Littlefield


McDonald’s has been selling ice cream since its inception, and the delicacy now accounts for more than half of its dessert menu, according to Mashed. In addition to selling regular ice cream cones, McDonald’s makes a variety of McFlurries, shakes, and sundaes. 

It’s no wonder management is trained to take preparing the desserts so seriously.

According to TikToker @documentingmylifek, who claims to be a McDonald’s worker and said via their bio they are a “wannabe influencer,” their manager sent them a several paragraphs-long note regarding how many swirls should go on the cones as well as in a McFlurry and sundae. The TikToker said the note came after they showed off an ice cream cone they made for themself.

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In the video, @documentingmylifek said they sent a photo of the cone they made to the group chat, presumably consisting of their co-workers at McDonald’s. The next day, they claimed, their manager created a guide for those who don’t know “how many swirls go on a cone, sundae, and McFlurry.” The manager outlined that cones get “2.5 swirls above the top of the cone.” Small sundaes, they continued, get 4.5 swirls. Large sundaes and McFlurries get one more swirl more than that at 5.5. The manager allegedly added: “Mcflurries are NOT meant to go above the top, you should be able to fold the sides down without touching the ice cream.”

“The amount of swirls vital in our stat use and correct sundae consumption. The fact that we are losing a lot of sundae mix, is heavily do to people not making the products properly,” the manager said. “Let’s make sure to be following these correctly, to help us save our stat!”

@documentingmylifek’s video showcasing the note and their ice cream cone was viewed over 27,000 times. One viewer could not believe the manager’s note was real, commenting, “This cannot be real.”

But @documentingmylifek assured them it was.

Another viewer implied their manager was similarly strict about how much ice cream goes into the treats, suggesting management is under a lot of pressure from their higher ups to not waste product.

The Daily Dot reached out to @documentingmylifek via TikTok comment and to McDonald’s media department via email.

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