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‘I feel like I’m getting called into the principal’s office’: Hotel guest leaves negative review during stay. She gets note asking her to see the manager

'I feel like I'm in trouble.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Nov 8, 2023

Travel can bring surprises. For example, someone may cause a ruckus on a flight, or one might discover that their vacation rental doesn’t exactly meet their standards.

As a result, travelers will occasionally feel the need to leave a negative review. However, a recent video from TikTok user Natalia (@natalialately) shows why it’s a smart idea to wait until you’ve actually left the property before leaving your review.

“I’m about to sound like a total Karen, but I left a negative review for the hotel that I’m staying at, because the service has been awful. They’re so rude here,” Natalia says. “Packing all my sh*t because I leave tomorrow, and I got this little note.”

The note reads, in part, “We hope that you are having a pleasant stay. As soon as possible, come to reception please.”

“I feel like I’m getting called into the principal’s office,” Natalia says. “Like, I feel like I’m in trouble.”

Natalia revealed in the caption and comments that the hotel in question is Atzavara Hotel & Spa in Barcelona, Spain. The hotel states that it is a 5-star hotel.

The hotel currently has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Google, with almost 1,000 reviews. Natalia’s review, which was posted via Google, lists her issues with the hotel.

“The customer service at the front desk was simply terrible. The staff seemed disinterested and unhelpful, leaving a lasting impression of rudeness,” she wrote. “Furthermore, I was disappointed to find that the waiters became visibly upset when I requested a glass of water instead of purchasing drinks.”

“To add to the frustrations, the in-room phones were completely non-functional, making it impossible to contact the front desk for assistance or inquiries. This was highly inconvenient and added unnecessary complications to our stay,” she continued. “Moreover, the overall attitude of the staff was rude and unwelcoming. Their lack of professionalism and hospitality greatly diminished the experience and left me feeling unwelcome as a guest.”

Back in her TikTok, Natalia says she conveyed the same ideas to the person at the front desk, as well as additional problems like difficulties checking in, a lack of information about the hotel, and more. The person working at the desk, Natalia says, seemed not to care.

“She was like, ‘I’ll relay this to my manager,’” Natalia recalls. “I’m like, ‘OK. See you never, b*tch.’”

In the comments section, commenters said that Natalia was not a “Karen” for voicing her issues with the hotel.

@natalialately There was more than this one incident. It’s a beautiful hotel just rude staff. #atzavarahotel ♬ original sound – Natalia

“Reviews aren’t being a Karen. Being an ahole and getting in other peoples business is a karen,” declared a user.

“You’re absolutely not a Karen, and that’s crazy unprofessional for them to ask you to come down and speak to them,” added another. “I’m so sorry that happened!”

Still, many questioned her decision to leave a review while she was still staying at the hotel.

“You are brave! I never leave a review til after I leave…” stated a commenter.

“Why wouldnt you wait to do the review till you left?” questioned a second.

The Daily Dot reached out to Natalia and the Atzavara Hotel & Spa via email.

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*First Published: Nov 8, 2023, 7:51 am CST