Hotel worker shares PSA about complimentary hotel breakfast


‘I about died when I learned about the eggs’: Hotel worker shares PSA about complimentary hotel breakfast after guest praises it (updated)

‘Who gone tell ’em…’


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If you’ve stayed at several hotels with complimentary breakfast, you’re likely familiar with their standard menu. Along with coffee, juice, and milk, a typical continental breakfast may contain cereal, bagels, bread, eggs, and other goodies to help guests get their days started right.

In some locations, it’s also typical to have biscuits and gravy—a dish popular in the American South made by pouring sausage gravy on biscuits.

Biscuits and gravy is a dish offered in a hotel that employs TikTok user @thebreakfasthotel. According to those who stay at the Louisiana hotel, it’s also very tasty.

“This is what a guest told me this morning: ‘I gotta tell ya, I go to a lot of hotels, but this was the best hotel breakfast I have ever had!’” the TikToker says. “‘I grew up in the South, and all those other places — California and all that—they don’t know how to make biscuits, they don’t know how to make gravy. That was great!’”

@thebreakfasthotel Who gone tell ‘em 🙈🫣 #voiceeffects #hotelworker #breakfast #fakefood #funny ♬ original sound – TheBreakfastHotel

However, though the breakfast may be acclaimed by guests, @thebreakfasthotel has a secret: the biscuits aren’t homemade, and the gravy comes from a can.

For those who are unaware, it’s common for hotels to have pre-made products or cook products en masse for guests. This is a continual source of fascination for TikTokers, with hotel eggs being a massive area of intrigue on the platform, given that they are sometimes made from powder.

“NAH FR BC EVERYTHING is frozen down [to] the scrambled Eggs,” wrote a TIkToker.

“I about died when I learned about the eggs,” @thebreakfasthotel said in response.

Other commenters said that it doesn’t matter whether the food was cooked fresh or if it came from a can; instead, what matters is how it tastes.

“It’s quality of the products,” stated a user.

“I also had the best motel breakfast in Louisiana,” recalled another. “I don’t care what it came out of, they did it right. I was finally fed.”

“The first time I’ve ever had biscuits and gravy was in a hotel. It’s so delicious, I don’t care how it’s made lol,” added a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to @thebreakfasthotel via TikTok comment.

Update 2:45pm CT Sept. 12: In a TikTok direct message exchange with the Daily Dot, @thebreakfasthotel broke down what’s “fresh” and what’s not at their hotel’s breakfast.

“Everything hot was once frozen, just it gets heated up the morning of,” they wrote. “Fruits are relatively fresh, pancake mix is regular pancake mix, pastries were refrigerated & just thawed out- never baked!”

The job itself, the TikToker says, is “easier of a job than I expected, but much more cleaning involved than I realized.”

While the TikToker is “sad” about the trend of hotels getting rid of their breakfasts after COVID, they say their hotel is better than most when it comes to breakfast.

“I was impressed at how much they offer in comparison to motels I go to… which is literally a honey bun and juice,” they say.

Update Sept. 17, 2:40pm CT: “[S]urprisingly, customers have not yet complained once. In fact, I have received almost daily compliments on the food (in general). No one has commented specifically on the eggs,” the creator tells the Daily Dot via email. “As for microwaving in a plastic container, I am unfortunately bound to whatever the hotel has to offer us to use in the kitchen. However, I have since switched to a ceramic bowl (which I had to hunt for) in order to heat up the egg blend. Best case scenario would be if we had an electric skillet, and I am working on connecting with my boss to see if we could get one installed!”

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