Comfort Inn guest speaking outside Comfort Inn with caption 'rating hotel breakfast buffets' (l) Comfort Inn building with signs (c) Comfort Inn guest eating breakfast (r)

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‘8/10 quintessential hotel breakfast’: Hotel guest reviews Comfort Inn buffet. Here’s how it rates

‘Hotel waffles hit different.’


Eric Webb


Hotel breakfast could be considered low-brow food, but it also can be high-key comforting, which a recent guest of Comfort Inn recently recounted in an online review.

TikTok creator Elise Brulotte (@eliseseats) posted a viral video about her own recent experience with a hotel breakfast and reviewed it. The video has almost 357,000 views and 38,000 likes.


comfort inn – 8/10 quintessential hotel breakfast !!

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In the video, Brulotte explains that she’s rating a hotel breakfast buffet at a Comfort Inn “in the middle of nowhere, Wyoming.”

“We’re driving 19 hours to Washington state. I’m moving. So, breakfast sounds so good right now,” she says in the video.

What follows is a tour of the hotel’s dining area that looks immediately familiar, even if you’ve never been to the middle of nowhere in Wyoming.

Brulotte’s camera captures: 

  • A mini fridge filled with cream cheese, butter and squeezable yogurt
  • Dry cereal in canisters
  • Instant oatmeal packets
  • Coffee and juice dispensers
  • Pastries in a plastic display case
  • Sausage links and scrambled eggs in chafing dishes
  • A tureen of gravy meant for biscuits
  • A waffle-making station and its attendant syrup dispenser

The Daily Dot reached out to Brulotte and Choice Hotels, the corporate parent of Comfort Inn & Suites, via email.

That last thing is the star of the show. Brulotte pours waffle batter into a plastic cup and makes a perfectly golden waffle on the griddle before filling its crevices with syrup. She ends the video sitting down and enjoying the kind of feast only a chain hotel can provide.

Brulotte captioned the TikTok, “comfort inn – 8/10 quintessential hotel breakfast !!”

The comments passed the vibe check for the most part.

“Hotel breakfast eggs are so good, for what?” one person commented.

“Honestly I get stuff I don’t even want at hotel breakfast just cuz I can,” another person commented.

Several commenters sang the praises of the waffle. “Hotel waffles hit different,” one person wrote. “Hear me out, gravy on 1/4 of the waffle?” another person commented.

There’s hope for future installments in this series. One person wrote, “i remember i used to love hampton inn’s bfast growing up.” Brulotte replied, “THE BEST!! @hilton breakfast is the best but I was in the middle of no where … I wanted a Hampton so bad… coming soon!”

The internet is full of celebrations of hotel breakfasts. 

Bon Appetit’s Carey Polis wrote in 2022, “A good hotel breakfast is a powerful tool for getting to know a region, especially internationally—and one I hope doesn’t vanish due to the lasting effects of the pandemic.” Sarah Firshein wrote for Tasting Table in 2017, “there’s no better place to eat breakfast than your hotel.”   

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