Hostess slams servers who are 'greedy' by asking for more tables. It backfires

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‘It’s unfair to the other servers’: Hostess slams servers who are ‘greedy’ by asking for more tables. It backfires

‘Maybe they just abt their bag.’


Brooke Sjoberg


ServerTok, or the part of TikTok occupied by servers, waitstaff, and other restaurant employees, is a popular place for these folks to air their frustrations with customers and especially each other.

One hostess has drawn some criticism from servers for a video she made critiquing those who ask for additional tables after they’ve already been given tables in their rotation. Posted by user @spinemoss, the video showing a hypothetical interaction between herself and a server has drawn over 86,000 views as of Saturday.

“Hey I know that you sat me that 12 top but they’re super easy so you can keep ’em coming,” the poster says, imitating servers she works with.

The poster then replies letting them know she will see what she can do, before looking directly into the camera and mouthing the lyrics to “Bad Idea Right?” by Olivia Rodrigo.

“The biggest lie I never said,” she lip-syncs along.

@spinemoss stop bein greedy #restaurantlife #serverlife #host ♬ bad idea right? – Olivia Rodrigo

In her comments section, the poster elaborated that while she does not know how it works at other restaurants, she is just following the policies established by her workplace.

“I don’t know how y’all’s restaurants work, but at mine, big parties have to get entrees dropped before they can be sat again ideally,” she wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @spinemoss via TikTok direct message regarding the video.

Several viewers took issue with the way the poster described servers who do this, telling them to stop being greedy.

“Maybe they just abt their bag, long as they’re on top of their stuff n not mean abt seating,” one commenter wrote.

“Being greedy,” another user said. “It’s called just keep us in the rotation.”

“Do u not realize servers don’t get a nice paycheck like hosts and that you seating us is how we afford to live,” one user commented.

Others shared that they understood where she was coming from, and rarely bothered their own hostesses and hosts because they feel keeping the rotation is most fair.

“As a server who was a host in highschool, im simply nice to the host and NEVER ask for things,” one commenter wrote.

“Rotation only bestie it’s unfair to the other servers who are trying to make $$$,” a viewer said.

“I stick w the rotation no matter what tbh unless a server specifically asks me to chill on their section,” another commenter wrote.

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