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‘GRWM to get fired’: Hostess posts GRWM video while waiting to see if she gets fired from her restaurant

'It's either really bad or really good.'


Grace Fowler


Posted on Jul 21, 2023

A restaurant hostess posted a GRWM video explaining that she might get fired from her job.  

Shelby (@shelbymmeeks) got called into a meeting with her manager and two of her friends that were also hostesses. The three girls were worried because within a year of working at the restaurant they had only had been called into one meeting before. 

The TikTok video has reached over 6.1 million views as of early Friday and Shelby has updated the audience on her job status since. 

@shelbymmeeks grwm to get fired 😍 #grwm #makeup #hostess #fyp ♬ original sound – shelby

Shelby says that a few days before posting her video, a group of three girls came into the restaurant to apply for jobs. She says they looked the same age as her and her friends.

“Normally if you are younger than 18 you’ll be a host and if you’re older you’ll be a server,” Shelby says. 

“I asked the manager if I was getting fired and she just laughed it off,” she adds.

She then worries and tells her co-workers in a group chat, “I haven’t been checking the bathrooms, what if we get fired for that?” 

Shelby explains the main reason she is nervous about getting fired is because they never have meetings. “It’s either really bad or really good,” she says. 

In Shelby’s update video, when she got to the meeting her manager reportedly told the girls that they were in trouble. “But I couldn’t really tell if she was joking or not,” she says.

The manager gave the girls two papers, one with the responsibilities of their job and the other to rate how well they’ve accomplished each task. The manager reportedly told them, “Y’all aren’t fired but we do need to go over some things.” 

“So our gut feeling was right, there was something kind of wrong,” Shelby says. “It was basically her nice way of saying let’s get it together.” 

“As for the three other girls,” Shelby says referring to the girls who applied days prior, “they could be servers, but I don’t know.” 

“Even though they were stressing me out yesterday I’m gonna stay,” she adds. “It’s a really good job and I like who I work with.”

At the end of the video Shelby adds, “But you guys should definitely keep liking my videos though so that I can not work anymore and I can be an influencer full time.”

Shelby did not respond to a request for comment from the Daily Dot via comment section.

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*First Published: Jul 21, 2023, 3:32 am CDT